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Toilet Sex Duo HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 8)


Leo Fox, Jamie West

Added: 28/August/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


You ever been to the urinals and noticed that the guy standing next to you is actually jerking off rather than having a piss? Well that’s exactly what happens to soccer player, Leo Fox, when he comes off the pitch to take a slash – Jamie West taking full advantage of the situation to show off the finely proportioned equipment that he’s got stashed in his trackers.

In fairness, Fox doesn’t once appear to show any reluctance in responding; indeed it’s pretty much no time at all before the sports-crazed youngster is displaying his other great love – hard cock! What’s more, West is more than capable of providing for the fellow’s deep-seated desires, thrusting his meaty uncut shaft down Fox’s throat like you won’t believe.

On this occasion, however, it’s the chav who’s ultimately gonna be providing ass for the camera, with Fox sheathing up for the task of fucking West’s tight man-cunt over the urinals and then promptly thrusting forwards to give the na’er-do-well the kind of screwing he probably always deserved. Little wonder that neither of the lads have difficulty in providing the money-shots at the scene’s climax – Fox’s dump over West’s head serving as the crazed finale!

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