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2 hard mechanics use a smooth twink as a cum rag HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 30/August/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


You can’t help feeling that director John Smith perhaps had a little bit of mischievous fun putting young twink, Lucas Tree, in a scene with STAXUS exclusive, Dick Casey, and porn stalwart Zack Hood. Talk about a lamb getting thrown to the lions! Tree plays the role of a water-cooler guy who (accidentally or not) delivers an under-filled bottle to the hard-pressed workers.

Needless to say, Hood is far from impressed and is soon asking his gym-built frame down onto the hapless water guy. It’s a turn of events that Casey quickly takes full advantage of, and before you know it Tree has a pair of hard dicks pushing their way into his mouth. That, of course, is only the beginning of the poor twink’s misfortunes. There’s no way that he’s ever gonna be able to fend off Hood’s advances, and before the kid knows it he’s got the gym-buddy’s raw knob pumping him from behind for all he’s worth.

It’s the catalyst for a breath-taking romp of raw sex that results in Tree getting buggered and spit-roasted like a rag doll; culminating in Hood dumping a load in his ass and Casey splattering his face big style. Believe us, if you don’t find this scene hot then porn ain’t for you!

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im so glad you still invite Zack for work, he really puts all his energy in scenes. Dick matches him in power topping well. i hope newbie Lucas will in future use his big cock as top too.

marko, 30/August/2012

This scene would of been better without the big guy.. he is not sexy @ all..he's gotten too big very unattractive- also the scene need more color these guys are too pale..this seems to be that way in the last 5 uploaded scenes!

Rob, 30/August/2012

I agree with Rob. I don't find Zack Hood sexy. Would have preferred three twinks

Keith, 30/August/2012

I think Zack Hood is past his prime and too bulky at the moment. His performances are good most of the time but in this scene I would liked to have seen a more twinkier model. I like Lucas Tree but his performance in Virgin Sinners was much better than in this scene. I also have the impression that Lucas has some trouble keeping an erection. He is indeed very pale and his skin could use some sessions at the tanning salon (but don't overdo it like George Basten!). I find Dick Casey not very enthusiastic and eager in most of his scenes, this one being no exception. All in all I find this scene not very exciting. The best scene from Raw Repairs that we have seen so far is that with Timmy Taylor and Jacob Hawk (Fluke). The guys really seemed into each other and it was filmed well with a decent amount of anal action. I want to see more of such scenes on because the updates of the past weeks were mostly uninspiring and unexciting.

Dutch Dude, 30/August/2012

Hi guys! Thank you very much for all your comments, they mean a lot to us and we will use your feedback to shape Staxus and the production according to what you want to see. I will forward all these comments to the producers and I encourage you to comment on any scene that you see, this way we know what you like and what you don't like and we can work to make everything better! Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with feedback! - Andy, 31/August/2012

Lucas Tree is one of your hottest. Perfect passive, well-trained teen slut. Love his spread hole and hot cock. More please of Lucas riding long thick cocks and getting his hole licked.... Lucas will be one of your BIGGEST STARS I predict.

abbess, 01/January/2013

Wish you would have invited the little trick back.

Bobby, 04/July/2014

Adorable Blond, Brunette and experienced stud makes for a winning combination (btw Zack Hood is still sexy...but I never said that lol). Too bad Lucas isn't featured anywhere else on Staxus; what a gorgeous lad!!

existenz, 20/September/2014

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