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Filthy cum-lovin’ soldier HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 8)
Added: 20/September/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 55 seconds
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Now here’s an aspect of military life that you don’t often get to see – when the sergeant major (Alejo) scowls at his men (in this instance Florian and Lian) and demands that they get their clothes off and start kissing and fondling each other. Clearly it’s from the Spartan school of army training – the chapter that states that soldiers who fuck each other are more willing to fight for each other – and it’s an ethos that these two horny Latinos adopt with unquestionable relish.

The fact that it’s all conducted in an open field makes for an even kinkier aspect to the whole escapade; as the boys slurp on each other’s dicks and then proceed to rim each other’s asses. If only we had all known about this part of army life before we’d have probably all enlisted; but as it is we can but sit back and enjoy the sight of young Florian finger-fucking his best buddy before pushing his thick, uncut ramrod deep inside that same hungry crack.

Cue a stupendous, breathtaking, open-air man-fuck as the two lads bang away like a couple of horny cunts on heat; culminating in Florian cumming all over his pal’s ass and then thrusting his spent cock deep inside. Filthy, but relentlessly hot!

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