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Cute young Tim HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 29/September/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Is the size of a young man’s skateboard conversely related to the size of his dick? Well, that’s certainly what Dick Casey’s hoping when he arrives to show Tim Law the indisputably undersized board that he’s ordered off the internet.

Not that we’re aware of anyone complaining about the proportions of Casey’s cock prior to this moment it must be said. What’s more, young Law doesn’t seem to have any issues with it either, teasing the handsome rod with a little cigarette smoke before giving all that fresh hard meat the kind of undivided attention that it so badly deserves. Not that a lad like Casey is ever really going to be content with oral satisfaction – no matter how good Law happens to be in that department.

No, the only place Casey’s single-minded cock wants to be is balls-deep in Law’s hairless pucker, and needless to report it’s not very long before that’s exactly where it is! What’s more, it’s clear from the look on the cute twink’s face that that’s exactly where he wants it to be as well. The result is a passionate, animalistic fuckathon that sees Law get banged like a whore and Casey produce the kind of cumshot that all you jizz-lovers will go crazy for!

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Good looking actors, excellent chemistry, but it would have been better with more full penetration action.

weirdbear, 30/September/2012

I dreamt that I woke up next to Tim Law!!! Sadly it was only a dream. I think Dick Casey should use his tongue more. His kisses are flat and Tim's ass deserves a good rimming job.

Dutch Dude, 30/September/2012

Tim Law is like Kevin Ateah. They were born to this. Staxus could join Tim and Kevin in a hot gangbang. That would be great. They know how to do it ;)

Vaclav, 16/March/2013

A really hot video. The perfect top meets the perfect bottom. How about another video with these two? It could be really raunchy with Dick Casey roughing up Tim Law, spanking him, finger fucking his hole, coming right into his mouth, making him swallow it, AND SO ON.

Alan Lowe, 13/June/2013

Really liked this video I agree more tongue action from Dick but was a really hot vid thanks

deeksteryven, 25/August/2013

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