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Amazingly Hot Threesome HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 15/October/2012
Duration: 26 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Filling the time between lessons at college can be an arduous task – there’s really only so much hanging around and smoking that you can do! – but James Wilson and Kevin Ateah seem to have the solution. Slinking off from Rudy Valentino, they find a quiet room to enjoy a little intimate fun, which in this instance involves (unsurprisingly) a great deal of nipple play and cock sucking.

Still, with dicks like those between their legs, not to mention ferocious libidos, such antics are no great wonder. Before you know it these lads are stark-bollock naked and 69-ing each other like a pair of hyper-sexed dingos on heat! A turn of events captured beautifully on camera for us all to enjoy to the max. What’s more, it’s not long before Ateah is riding back and forth on the full length of Wilson’s shaft, having his ass stretched to breaking point in the process. How could this scene possibly get any hotter?

Well, re-introduce Valentino into the proceedings for a daisy-chain threesome and the temperature rises even higher – reaching boiling point when Wilson cums in Ateah’s ass and Valentino uses the jizz as lube to get himself off. No wonder Ateah spurts cum like a fuckin’ geyser!

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I know some of you didn't like the performance of our new model James Wilson in the last scene he had with Rudy Valentino some 2 weeks ago. I'm really interested if you guys think he is better now as he's been through some training with Johan Volny and other senior models. Looking forward to hearing from you! - Andy, 15/October/2012

James' performance definitely improved since his first scene but there is still room for improvement. He obviously likes kissing but he holds back somewhat when it comes to sucking. In the first part of the scene his dick was reasonable hard but much less so in the second part. I also have the feeling that his (internal) cumshot is fake. Correct me if I'm wrong. For me the real star of the scene is Kevin Ateah who seems totally at ease with gay sex. He really should be paired with a big dicked guy like Chris Young and I think the sparks (and cum!) will fly off the screen. (P.S. tell Chris that his present hairstyle is a little bit outdated and that I will pay his new, sharp haircut!)

Dutch Dude, 15/October/2012

Wow, great pairing. But: the camera work does nothing for me. It started with the triple fuck: too many close ups, and then the final consists of more than 2 minutes close-ups. I get to see so many close-ups of dicks, fucking and cumming homemade on x-tube. Nothing to turn me on. I want to see bodies and faces because this is what makes it worth still following professional studio work.

Fridjan, 17/October/2012


X, 18/October/2012

Hi Andy - Definite improvement from the last scene. Must agree with Fridjan about all the close-ups though.

David - Scotland, 24/October/2012

IMO Kevin dominates the scene, always ready to use his tongue or hand to drive his more hesitating partners on. James seemed still a little bit shy in front of the cam, when Kevin wasn´t directing him.

Steven, 12/November/2012

First, James is gorgeous and hot! If he is a little awkward, it is because he is young and new. Second, please cut down on the closeups and show us the full picture. Seeing a boy's face and expression while he is fucking, sucking or cumming is a huge part of the experience. Lastly, only a few studios do this, but please let the boys look at the camera when they are getting fucked or sucked. There is nothing more amazing than seeing a boy's eyes when he cums!

Amer, 29/November/2012

Nice ass-to-mouth action

Boylicker, 30/December/2012

Pair Kevin Ateah with Carl Baxter. And in the future scenes, show more doggy-style, specially filmed more from behind. Let us see everything...

Cris, 03/March/2013

Thanks for giving James another go. A scene like this is a nice warmup to watch, then wank to something else (call it foreplay). And I agree - closeups should be used selectively. Pull that camera back and capture the action (but not the scenery).

Mitch_MN, 23/November/2013

You finally get all three boys fucking together and ruin almost every second with close-ups.

alex, 16/January/2017

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