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Cock-crazed foursome dishes up oodles of hot twink jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 25/October/2012
Duration: 26 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know what a group of young lads can be like when they’ve got time on their hands and an insatiable urge in their collective crotch – and believe us, Rudy Valentino’s pals are no different. Indeed, from the very moment that Timmy Taylor dances into the room and parades his assets in front of Damian Talbot, Chris Young and Valentino it’s pretty much a case of “anything goes” for this horny foursome.

We won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow account – though it goes without saying that blowing serves as a major feature in the antics – but once their jeans get tossed aside you can sure as fuck guarantee that this group of mates take male-bonding to a whole new level. Valentino and blond cutie Talbot are as divine as ever; whilst Young’s oversized dick almost warrants a postcode all of its own.

From daisy-chain oral to a totally raw chain-fuck, these filthy-minded fuckers are game for anything; and we defy anyone not to be tugging away on their cock like fury by the time Young is being tag-fucked by the rest of the crew and Taylor is finally taking every drop of jizz the gang can muster. With buddies like this to play with, Valentino’s education is a shoe-in!