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Locker room flip-flop spunk fest for two blond beauties! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 22)
Added: 27/October/2012
Duration: 17 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay so we’re totally fuckin’ biased, but we genuinely reckon there isn’t gonna be a porn-loving gay guy alive who doesn’t get off on this stupendous pairing: Jesse Magowan, bottle-blond and oh-so-deceptively innocent looking, and Heath Denson, who’s pretty much as perfect as they come. To begin with, however, things get off to a gentle start, with Magowan sneaking into the locker-room for a sneaky sniff of his mate’s briefs and an all-too-desperately needed wank. But the sudden and unexpected arrival of Denson throws a metaphorical firework into proceedings, and before you know it you’ve got a scorching escapade shooting off right before your eyes.

These boys are divinely gorgeous and both as horny as it’s surely possible to be; and it doesn’t take long before the mutual exchange of cock-sucking is replaced by some fabulous rimming of Denson’s hairless ass-hole by young Magowan.

Denson looks like he might genuinely blast a load there and then; but holding off from the inevitable the two beauties begin a mad flip-flop fuck-fest that’ll set you jerking off like a sex-starved teen. By the time both have erupted like geysers we reckon you’ll have spurted long since!

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These guys are hot and they get it on!

uwsdude, 27/October/2012

+ hot new models + hot rimming (and more than 15 seconds) + would like to see more flip-flop fucking in the future

geniesser, 29/October/2012

Very nice swimwear fucking! Also I liked one of the cute boys kept his speedos on for some minutes together with his waterglasses around his neck during the whole movie. This is a really sportladz video.

JAG, 30/October/2012

Thank you guys for the kind words! - Andy, 31/October/2012

This is...five stars. Job well done guys. This is very hot Staxus. Great, simply great : the beginning, the flip-flop, and the cumshot scene was superb, specially Jesse. Hot, hot, hot...

Vaclav, 25/March/2013

About the cumshot scene, I said that Jesse was superb. I should have said that Heath was even more than superb. He was topping, and then gave his tool to his partner and then...right to his partner's mouth... Five stars. Ok, ten stars ;)

Vaclav, 25/March/2013

One of my ALL-time favorites. What a gem! For those of you who admire the slenderness of youth, this scene should not be missed.

wihakowi, 21/April/2013

They should wear shiny nylon trackies from adidas, nike or starray

Lost in town, 31/December/2013

noble, elegant Homosexuality, sweet gay Lust, divine Sodomy !!

Paolo (Rome), 30/September/2014

but, God's Power is better Substance.

Paolo Monaco, 07/August/2017

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