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Hot sex in the showers HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 29/October/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s hardly novel – it’s been the very stuff of gay porn since the invention of the camera – but who can ever tire of watching young men in a hot and sweaty shower-room? Especially when they have the kind of bubble butts that Timmy Taylor and Kevin Luong seem to boast here. Not that it’s their backsides that take centre-stage in the opening moments of this scene.

Instead, it’s hard cocks all the way as both lads take the opportunity to savour all that unrivalled hardness that they’ve each got stocked in their crotches, with Taylor displaying his usual heady energy for the occasion and Luong clearly enjoying all the attention! Never more so, in fact, than when Taylor pins his pal up against the shower room wall and pushes his thick, raw cock deep into his tight, hungry ass-hole – an act that signals the start of a truly wild, unrestrained coupling, during which Luong gets fucked in pretty much every imaginable position.

Little wonder that the sweet fellow ends up spewing a fabulous wad of jizz all over his belly whilst Taylor pounds against that delicious butt of his; before Taylor himself delivers a killer shot all over Luong’s face, leaving the lad dripping with cream!

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i really like how this video starts, cool music.... and seing Mr Volny was a nice and welcome surprise. Timmy and Kevin give us a great performance that should get them more than just 5 stars

marko, 29/October/2012

just perfect

geniesser, 29/October/2012

Spunkworthy! Love the cowboy position fucking.

Dutch Dude, 29/October/2012

Glad you guys love the scene :) Best wishes, Andy - Andy, 30/October/2012

go timmy! just love this performance from both boys !!!

mikypat, 27/November/2012

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