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Justin Conway shoots out the shower and into a twink’s hairless ass HD

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Added: 02/November/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 52 seconds
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You really can’t beat a boy in speedos – budgie smugglers, as our Australian friends would teasingly describe them – so is it any wonder that young blond wonder, Justin Conway, reacts the way that he does when he sees Jim Jones in the changing rooms? Why it’s almost like watching a lion pounce on its prey as he eagerly bounds through the door and slaps the youngster on the ass.

No doubt about it, Conway’s hungry for some hardcore action – and, given Jones’s response to the sudden intrusion, it’s obvious that he meets a willing subject. Before you know it, Jones is down on the floor and tugging his admirer’s aching dick from their trunks, signalling the start of a truly terrific set-piece that’ll have you jacking off like a sex-starved tom cat! How can we be so sure? Well because these two lads are clearly up for it big time, 69-ing each other on the floor before Conway rims Jones’s hairless ass-hole over the sink.

And then the climax to proceedings, as Conway powers his handsomely curved knob deep into his mate’s pucker; before both guys return to the floor to fire the contents of their balls over each other’s faces. In short, a fuckin’ spunky firecracker all round!

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For the past two weeks I have been unable to watch a movie. The buffer does, the picture stops, the circle turn. It doesn't even last a full sentence. I'm operating a Macbook Pro OsX 10.6.8. Given the amount of money I spent and the length of the commitment I made this is really troubling. weirdbear

technical problems, 03/November/2012

That is really annoying weirdbear. And if you download the movie are you also not able to watch it? Hope that Andy will come up with a solution for this problem.

Dutch Dude, 03/November/2012

Hi Weirdbear! I'm really sorry you are having these issues, and you have purchased an 1 year account :( You are the 2nd New Yorker that is having these slow speed issues this week, my initial thought is that the hurricane and power losses in your area is causing you this. We use a CDN to distribute the content around the world and if you can't connect to your local server in NY, it will force a redirection to the main server in Amsterdam, causing the low speed. Please contact me at and I will get it working for you! Looking forward to hearing from you! - Andy, 03/November/2012

We haven't received any tickets regarding slow speed from Europe or the West Coast, only from the East Coast which makes me think the problems come from the power losses due to the storm. If anyone else is having issues with download or streaming speed, please don't hesitate to contact us by using our Customer Support site at and we will make sure Staxus will work again fine for you! - Andy, 03/November/2012

Awesome final cumshot facial!! This scene is hot

neobgay, 03/November/2012

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