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Dirty fuckin’ scallies get sucking dick & pounding ass like animals! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 10)
Added: 06/November/2012
Duration: 19 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


You see their ilk around town all the time – smoking, wearing trackies, donning tattoos and cropped hair – and they always leave us gays wondering. Just what do these scally lads (with so much spare time on their hands) get up to together behind closed doors? Well as far as Scally Jay and Josh Jared are concerned, the answer to that question is quite clearly a terrific amount of cock-sucking – after all, how else can you explain the skill and ease with which both lads perform head on each other?

Believe us, these guys love dick big time and enjoy nothing better than having one of their mate’s knobs thrusting down their throats. Not that Scally Jay’s passions end there. He’s more than eager to give Jared’s crack a real hard pounding; and having rimmed his pal’s ass-hole with almost military precision, he finally gets to push that raging cock of his deep inside that hungry hole. What follows is a sweaty, breathless, four-letter-word of a copulation between two dirty Brit lads that only concludes when Jay’s able to dump a splendid rope of fresh jizz all over the filthy bottom’s face. No fuckin’ wonder Jared tosses himself off in excitement, leaving nothing but smiles all round.

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Watched it twice and I think it is safe to conclude that scally porn is not for me.

Dutch Dude, 06/November/2012

Nothing hotter than 2 scallies fucking... and even hotter when they fuck with their trainers on. But... would real scallies use a condom? I think not...

Barry, 13/September/2015

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