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Spit-Roasting Fuckathon Leads To A Raw Double-Dicked Fucking! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 20/November/2012
Duration: 23 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone who knows Aaron Aurora knows just what a dirty little fucker he is given half the chance, so it should come as no surprise that he quite literally jumped at the opportunity to get a real hard double-fucking courtesy of Chris Young and Eric Winterfield. No hesitation from this boy, that’s for sure – and it shows, right from the very first moment that we see him making out on the sofa, sandwiched between Winterfield’s golden locks and Young’s oversized dick.

This is a fellow who just loves to play around, and needless to say it doesn’t take many minutes before he’s gobbling on Young’s handsome ramrod – no doubt dreaming of the stretching that it’s going to be giving his ass-hole in the very near future. As it happens, however, it’s Winterfield who gets the first taste of Aurora’s hungry little pucker, banging away at the hole with typical eagerness before Young takes a turn to open it up even further.

Things only reach breaking point, however, when the two tops decide to thrust both their cocks inside at the same time – pushing Aurora (and no doubt you filthy-minded viewers) to the point of ecstasy! All told, an eye-watering bonanza, topped off by Aurora taking a full-on jizz facial!

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Eric Winterfield looked badly cast in this scene and didn't seem to fit in, the hair and tan just don't do it for me, he looks too old to get away with it. Would have worked far better with another guy.

memsteve, 21/November/2012

However, Aaron Aurora is something else, awesome, more please.

memesteve, 21/November/2012

I agree with the comments from memesteve. Love how Aaron Aurora takes that big dick of Chris with ease. He should be asked to do some more scenes in Prague because he's worth it!

Dutch Dude, 23/November/2012


ANDRE REZNER, 02/December/2012

great scene !!! loved every second of it.more of aaron please.

mikypat, 03/December/2012

The ass-to-mouth action is so hot

Boylicker, 30/December/2012

A big YES for this scene. Because this is the way I like to see a scene, the way it is shown to us. A big Yes to Aurora. Incredible how you can do it boy ! Chris was also great, but not a surprise to me. Another dude that can enjoy us a lot, a lot

Vaclav, 16/March/2013

The two tops seem to have come from a 70s US studio - and this vid would be the biggest turnoff ever if it were not for Aaron who I could watch forever in any scenario with anyone. He is escorting in Manchester and I'm trying to fix a date but he's in such demand. I wonder why?!

xftrev, 30/March/2013

Eric Winterfield is not human. It's a blond god !!! More scenes with Eric Winterfield please !!!

noelweets, 24/November/2013

elegant gay Orgy of three delicious Boy. Wonderful the Tan Line of Eric Winterfield. Simply superb, as Worship, the painful and delicious Orgasm of Chris and his copious and powerful Ejaculation.

Paolo, 16/January/2017

this, under the phenomenal profile. But the sexual energy of these guys must be addressed to higher balances.

Paolo, 17/January/2017

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