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Hard fresh cocks HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 02/December/2012
Duration: 23 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


With his fresh-faced, “innocent” smile and his lithe, delicate frame, who could possibly resist the charms of young Drake Law? Certainly not Neo Matthews, that’s for fuckin’ certain. Not that he’s gonna be left unspoilt for very long once Matthews has had his way. Before you know it, the guy has tempted Law out of his jeans and is working the brightly coloured pair of briefs that he discovers underneath off the boy as well.

Needless to say, once Matthews has induced the removal of that final line of defence it’s pretty much plain sailing for the horny top, who then proceeds to slurp on Law’s neatly shaved cock almost like a being possessed. Mind, if Law thinks that Matthews is gonna now be content with just a bit of oral stimulation then he’s in for a major surprise. Cue a rather kinky turn of events as Matthews proceeds to pour hot wax on the cutie’s tight balls and to thrust an arguably oversized dildo up the boy’s tight ass.

Any remaining sense that Law is a wide-eyed innocent by this stage has certainly been totally dispelled by this point; and indeed by the time that Matthews jerks a fine wad of jizz into the boy’s face you’ll be left with one conclusion – Law is a total slut!

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This would have been an excellent scene if the part with the candle wax had been left out and more fuck action would have been included.. is not a fetish website and therefore candle wax (and cling film) have in my opinion no role to play in the Staxus scenes. I also would have used a smaller dildo which I think would have resulted in a better display of the anal action. So next time please refrain from using such stupid attributes as cling film, candle wax, ropes and what more do you have because 99.9% of the Staxus members do not enjoy them. As I said before the room for experimentation in gay porn is limited and this should be kept in mind when thinking about ideas for sex scenes. Notwithstanding my criticism of some parts of this scene it is nevertheless a 100 times better than the scenes from Skyball which don't do anything for me and I think I am not the only one who has this feeling. The English twink Drake Law is a good performer and I certainly hope that we see more of him here on Put him in a scene with George Basten!

Dutch Dude, 02/December/2012

Since both boys enjoyed the action, it´s a nice variation and still an excellent scene for me. But for the cling film scene I agree with Dutch Dude - if the boys do not really like it, keep those experiments out. I would like to see more appearances of both boys , too.

Steven, 03/December/2012

Yeah, no more silly gimmicks please. Just concentrate on what Staxus has always done best - hot boys having hot sex.

Mike, 04/December/2012

I agree about the "hand" dildo ..if he wanted to use that he should have tried his own hand .As for the waxing ...there is a time and a place for that ..and this wasn't it . I agree he ( Drake Law) needs fitted with a bigger cock so George Basten would fit the bill ( and Drake) very well....even with his overtanned body .

Stuart_B, 26/December/2012

dispite what dutchdude says, I loved this scene.! Congrats to all invovled.

mikypat, 03/March/2013

I agree with the comments about the attempt a kink, but no matter as Drake is the most exquisite boy I've ever seen in 3 decades of porn collecting (along with James Radford, who I wish was on this site). Staggeringly pretty, yet not camp, natuural and the most perfect Geordie accent. For me, his is simply the most perfect boy. The second scene in his "Whore On Tour" DVD (worth every penny of the download) is the most fantastic ever - not least as the 4 other boys obviously fancy him as much as I do. Production could be better, but WTF! He's had a rent boy haircut (prefer the Bieber look in this vid!) but still to die for. I hope he will do more stuff, as there isn't enough. If so, keep it simple and natural and leave the awful soft focus amateur dramatics to the Czechs. Brit boys are by far the best, as (usually) is the more down-to-earth production. Staxus is a fantastic site, but they need to learn that less is more.

xftrev, 30/March/2013

The neat thing about the waxing is that it was done to the cock and balls. I wonder if the dildo hand was too big. Is there an uncut version?

Weirdbear, 23/July/2013

A bit too much, didn't like it.

lloyde, 05/November/2014

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