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Tim Law Boxes Clever To Get Fuckin’ Hammered Round The Ring! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 07/January/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


Boxing and wrestling have always had a somewhat homoerotic quality to them – ever since those handsome, horny ancient Greeks first tussled with each other all those years ago! – and Tim Law and Milan Sharp will only add to such rampant suggestiveness with this superb gym-based set-piece. Making the most of the opportunity to glance gloves, they commence their pert little encounter with a passionate round of sparring; before ditching their attire for a somewhat more intimate exchange.

Indeed, it’s not long before both lads are rolling round on the floor with each other’s hard, rampant cocks in their mouths; before Sharp rims Law’s hungry (and admittedly well-used) ass-hole in preparation for the hard, bareback fucking to come. Cue a close-up spectacle of frenzied, hole-pummelling fornication that sees young Law get banged about the ring in pretty much every position imagination – Sharp’s well-proportioned knob stretching the young rascal’s pucker to nigh on breaking point.

No fucking wonder that both boys are soon popping their nads with typical youthful gusto – a spunk-stained spectacle that’ll have you jerking out a load (or two) in no time at all!

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Always great to see Tim, but the shaved pubes are a big turnoff. Please ask him not to do that for his next scene.

trex, 08/January/2013

loved this scene, two hot boys having great sex, and both so well matched. well done, i,m still a fan.

mikypat, 14/January/2013

Tim, you are a pro..

Vaclav, 12/March/2013

I actually loved the shaved pubes :)

Perlan, 21/May/2015

the beautiful Face of Milan at the Top of his holy Orgasm. I want to frame it and put it on my Table, so to worship it occasionally.

PaoloMonaco, 14/October/2017

but, these noble Creatures search the Absolute.

PaoloMonaco, 15/October/2017

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