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Thieves Never Prosper – But They Do Get Fucked By Big Cocks! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 12)
Added: 11/January/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re obviously not going to recommend that you pilfer through someone else’s private locker at work, but if the results of such unethical behaviour are in any way guaranteed to be like those that quiffed blond, Connor Levi, experiences in this scene then maybe it’d be worth a punt after all. For no sooner has the cutesome twink been interrupted by a rather irate (and not uncommonly hench) Rick Nielson, than he’s being pushed down onto his knees to accommodate the muscular fireman’s hose in his mouth.

A task that he undertakes with somewhat splendid enthusiasm. Then again who can blame the boy? Nielson is every inch the Alpha male here, with the kind of equipment in his crotch that any such man would surely boast. Not that it’s very long before the top has whipped his hard shaft from between Levi’s hungry lips and is giving his fuck-buddy the kind of rampant, sweaty workout that the disgraced beauty deserves.

Believe us, there isn’t an ounce of mercy shown towards Levi’s tight little pucker as the scally is pounded from every direction; before Nielson pumps the contents of his balls all across the lad’s sweet face, then uncivilly bundles the cunt right out of the door!

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Wonderful. What a job made by Connor. Great, great, great, really great. I loved it ! The positions you chose to have sex with Ricky and the way it was shown to us were also great, specially the doggy-style and when you sat on him. I'm starting to be a fan of you Connor ;). Keep up the good work dude. An applause for you

Vaclav, 17/March/2013

Connor, five stars for you. You're gorgeous on screen. I love your hole and you really know how to do porn.

Cris, 02/April/2013

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