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Filthy Skaters Love Dildo Play, A Hard Fuck & Loads Of Hot Cum! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 25)
Added: 25/January/2013
Duration: 28 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Skaterboys just love to have fun – but for Aaron Aurora and Marc Sage it’s never quite as simple as getting on your boards and wheeling down the street. For these two doe-eyed beauties just can’t ever resist the demanding call of their sexual appetites, which in this particular instance leads them to break into an abandoned building so that they can suck and fuck to their hearts’ content.

It’s at this point that you’ll probably become acutely aware of the difference in stature between these two lads – Sage being tall, lanky and at least a head’s height above the somewhat petite Aurora. Don’t worry though, folks, the said difference doesn’t prevent Sage from being at just the right height when he falls down to his knees to give his cute pal’s cock the sucking it rightly deserves. Or, indeed, to push an oversized dildo up Aurora’s arse a little later on.

Cue the ultimate kink of seeing Aurora dildo-fucked whilst Sage mounts Aurora’s dick cowboy-style and gives the ramrod a real hard ride; before the sex-toy is discarded and the pint-sized pup continues to fuck Sage from behind. Sage’s reward? A full creamy facial of teen-jizz that’ll push you right over the edge!

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Nice scene, especially due to Marc Sage. I would like to see more of him.

JAGarcia, 25/January/2013

Another great Aaron performance.

memesteve, 26/January/2013

Love the cum!

Jase, 27/January/2013

Great cumshot, but the scene would have been hotter, if Marc stayed hard

Steven, 27/January/2013

For some reason , I found the size difference in these two guys very erotic! Hope that doesnt mean im a pervert.!! well done all very good scene, thanks.

mikypat, 03/March/2013

Well done Aaron. You deserved to be top in this scene

Vaclav, 16/March/2013

No prizes for skateboarding skills but I'm amazed Aaron can even walk with all that has been shoved up his arse. Interesting to see a super-bottom with a dildo and topping.

burling, 11/September/2013

Hot boys. Would have rated 5 stars if Marc would have kept his hardon.

nova1989, 23/May/2015

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