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Postal Boy Gets His Own Special Delivery – 8”Of Hard Cock Right Up His Ass! HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 10)
Added: 14/February/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, so maybe the opening few seconds of this “randy delivery boy romp” is unlikely to get the nod at the Oscars anytime soon – let’s be honest, the acting is a tad wooden – but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying the inimitable pleasures of Aiden Jason and Finley Yves as they engage in the kind of office-time encounter that would surely appeal to even the most work-shy of porn fans.

Jason is the cropped-haired postal lad with the oversized package; Yves the dark-haired pen-pusher with the even bigger cock, who’s more than willing and able to give his visitor the official once-over – in this particular instance, bareback over his desk! Indeed, the delivery boy has barely dropped off his load (so to speak) when Yves is making advances and working his way neatly into Jason’s pants.

Suffice it to say that it’s no time at all before the two lads are slurping merrily away on each other’s dicks; before Yves bundles his guest onto the desk and thrusts his todger balls-deep into the hungry little fuck-hole before him. Cue a fabulous fuckathon that quickly brings Jason bubbling to the boil; before Yves concludes the encounter with a heady, spunk-inducing wank-off!

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Sorry, but this is one of those scenes on a dvd you skip passed to get to the good one - didn't work at all for me.

memesteve, 14/February/2013

I know this may be the first shoot for these guys, but it didn't do it for me. We are told that Finley likes cum. Why didn't we see him take Adens in the mouth? Sorry, not a favourite for me..

Keith, 14/February/2013

Could be better. Probably they can do better next time. But I had to wait until the 17th minute to see how "monster" this was, when I saw Finley showing his dick working in Aiden's ass ;)

Vaclav, 19/March/2013

totally the most unemotional wooden uninspiring boring episode I've ever seen. Someone kissing a wall shows more passion than these guys. Who gets off and then bails on his partner in crime(and yes this episode was a crime). The postal boy is cute but that's not enough.

lonesomeinkc, 06/February/2015

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