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Two Horny Students Fuck The Jizz Out Of Each Other Bareback-Style! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 18/February/2013
Duration: 25 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Milan Sharp has clearly never been the best of scholars, despite all the keenest efforts of his teachers at the STAXUS Academy, but there’s one subject that always gains his attention – and you won’t be at all surprised to learn that it’s the study of the human anatomy. More specifically, the male form – a study that he’s only too eager and willing to demonstrate here in the company of fellow cock-lover, Neo Matthews.

To his credit, Matthews vainly tries to maintain his attention on his work in the face of every distraction that Sharp can muster; but once his pal has got his hands firmly wrapped round that aching dick of his there’s pretty much nothing Matthews can do to resist. Indeed, before you know it both schoolboys are taking it in turns to feast on each other’s cocks; before Sharp rounds on Matthews’ ass for an almost textbook demonstration on how to rim such a bubble-shaped beauty.

At which point, the tables are turned and Matthews thrusts that long, condom-free schlong of his deep into Sharp’s rump, banging his pal over the desk like a common slut and fuckin’ the jizz out of him in the process. By the time Sharp gets a facial in return you’ll be well creamed!

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Great rimming and fuck scene !!!

noelweets, 18/February/2013

Excellent scene. 5***** performance from Milan!

Dutch Dude, 19/February/2013

Fantastic! These guys are hot, and Neo is another fine example of the great new talent that Staxus is known for. Milan seems to get hotter with each new scene, and he's the new king of cum facials!

austin, 03/March/2013

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