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Two Cum-Shots Apiece From This Pair Of Bareback School Fuckers! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 22/February/2013
Comments: 25


Like most boys his age, Tim Walker would much rather look at a porn mag and have a good wank than do school work, so it should really come as no surprise at all to Xander Hollis when he interrupts his pal tugging on his knob beneath his desk. For a few moments Hollis savours the moment, watching from the sidelines as Walker works every inch of that handsome dick of his; but it’s not very long before temptation gets the better of the student and he’s down on his knees, literally sucking the jizz out of Walker’s balls.

A surprisingly early climax that’s followed immediately by Hollis jerking his own generous wad for (and on!) the camera. Don’t worry though, both sets of nads on show in this scene have more than enough cream inside them to ensure the performance continues, and before you know it the lads are lining themselves up for a further display of top-notch dick worship.

Followed by some stupendous ass-rimming; before the pair take turns to pummel each other’s fuck-holes over a desk. It’s totally raw, it’s utterly debauched and filthy – and it’s no feckin’ wonder that both lads spew a second time in the ensuing fray. In short, a ball-bustin’ cum-fest in every sense!

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Great scene. Really good camera work.

keith, 22/February/2013

Tim is so cute and sexy

Boylicker, 22/February/2013

I agree, your best scene for a while, had everything and excellently filmed - great!!

memesteve, 22/February/2013

Your newest model, Tim Walker, is probably the hottest model I've seen on any site. Everything about him is perfect, his face, smile, cock and edible ass scream sexy. Great camera work, as well. Can't wait to see more of this new sex sensation!

austin, 22/February/2013

great scene ! great couple of guys,tim in particular. loved every second of it. please tell me we will be seeing more of both guys very soon.

mikypat, 22/February/2013

Hi Mikypat! Both Xander and Tim are exclusive models for Staxus so we will have a lot more scenes featuring both of them in the near future! - Andy, 22/February/2013

Une grande scène parfaitement filmée.Deux acteurs craquants.TIM est le plus beau minet tournant actuellement dans le porno gay (tous sites confondus).STAXUS est devenu le meilleur site et présente des vidéos en HD d'une très grande qualité d'images.

MEC FRANCAIS, 22/February/2013

Merci beaucoup! - Andy, 23/February/2013

Great pairing! I'm always a little weary when I see a straight porn magazine in a gay scene but I think Xander convinced Tim to join our team!!!

Dutch Dude, 24/February/2013

I signed up for the website to see more of Tim Walker - so hot!!! Keep them coming =)

Ryan, 26/February/2013

I have signed up for the website hoping that I could find more and more of Carl Baxter but I olny found eight scenes. Baxter has been away from Staxus I know but he is filming for others. Looking to what he did, we can see that Baxter is superb. I have read that some actors like Jack Cameron have reached other "targets" or personal "targets", but Baxter is... available. I also think that there should be other scenes for Robin Snoyer for instance. But, speccially, I'm talking about Baxter. We miss Baxter. I do. Please Staxus...

Cris, 05/March/2013

Well done : real open wide asses, lickin' and fuckin'. We saw it all cfrom various points of view. Great guys

Peter, 05/March/2013

Staxus, you are the best! Now, jut show more quality shots of feet, and I'll be a member for life! :-)

Austin , 29/May/2013

Love Tim Walker, so cute and sexy. Could watch him all day! :)

Pete, 16/June/2013

I joined this site for one reason only...TIM WALKER. Tim is the hottest young man in all gay porn!!!!! And, he's a stud in his own right. MORE TIM WALKER PLEASE!

Chad, 11/September/2013

I also joined for Tim...Great Boys with more cum & can we add Kevin in a threesome & also snowballs please ?

JohnDonoghue, 11/November/2013

I also joined for Tim...Great Boys with more cum & can we add Kevin in a threesome & also snowballs please ?

JohnDonoghue, 11/November/2013

The Triumph of the Masculinity !

Paolo, 25/January/2014

The Triumph of the Stupidity !

Paolo, 25/January/2014

The hottest video I've viewed at staxus (so far)

thunderball, 22/February/2014

Three downloads of this single scene each froze about three- fourths the way thru.

thunderball, 24/February/2014

Smokin hot.

charlie46, 12/January/2015

I love this. Beautiful! Ich bin, also froh sind wir homosexuell. Ich bin sehr ernst. Sein homosexuell ist alles, das ich weiß. Ich habe ein BF aber…

JRHughes, 29/May/2015

Ein super Video: Süsse Jungen lutschen Sperma - einfach lecker hier zu gucken.

Dieter1957, 22/April/2016

What can I say that hasn't already been said? I must pleasure myself as I watch again.

Mark, 14/March/2018

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