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Cute Boy-Lovin’ Twink Buries Himself Cock-Deep In A Locker Room Fuck-Fest! HD

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Added: 26/February/2013
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Playing sport of any kind always leaves you vulnerable to the risk of injury, but on the up-side there’s always the possibility that an otherwise unwelcome groin strain will gain you the full-on attention of a dedicated whore such as Skylar Blu. At least that’s the turn of events that dark-haired cutie, Ethan White experiences here, as Blu works his muscle-rubbing magic on his pal’s firm young flesh – in the hope, no doubt, that White will respond in kind.

Needless to report, it’s not many seconds before White is doing exactly that, pulling Blu’s engorged knob from the lad’s shorts and feasting on the generous rod of hard, aching flesh bouncing out before him. Both boys, it seems, are well up for an uncompromising session of hardcore fornication; and it’s no time at all before Blu is rimming, and then fucking, White’s hungry little hole.

The sight of that floppy-haired blond shoving every inch of raw dick deep inside his buddy’s crack will no doubt be more than enough to get your juices flowing; though it’s the sticky finale (namely White busting his nut on the massage table before taking a face-load of jizz courtesy of Blu) that gives best reason for a top-rate blow-out!