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Skylar Blu’s Fisting Frenzy Leaves His Hole Worked & Full Of Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 22)
Added: 28/February/2013
Comments: 25


With their kinky leather cock-pouches and their mischievous grins, it’s pretty obvious from the off that this fine trio of beauties (comprising of STAXUS stalwarts, Damian Dickey and Tim Law, along with Brit-babe, Skylar Blu) is collectively primed for a whole load of hardcore fun.

What isn’t so obvious during the opening moments, however, is just how extreme that fun is going to be! That said, Dickey for one has never been reticent when it comes to the task of pushing hot young twinks to their limit, and it’s no surprise that he quickly establishes himself as the centrepiece to proceedings, allowing Blu and Law to take turns to slurp on his knob whilst he himself lies back and savours their efforts. A few minutes later and that same cock is burying itself deep into Law’s eager fuck-hole, followed by a similarly enthused visit inside Blu’s hungry pucker.

But it’s what follows – more specifically Blu’s fisting, courtesy of Law – that ultimately marks this scene out. That, and the fact that Dickey and Law finally take turns to spunk over their pal’s well-worked hole and then bury their dicks to the hilt to push the jizz inside. All totally raw, all utterly perverse!

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Didn't work for me and the very noisy kissing was very irritating.

memeteve, 28/February/2013

I think Mike Cage is by far the best!

memesteve, 28/February/2013

well done everyone invovled.!!!!! cant remember the last time I got so into a scene. young TIM can do no wrong!

mikypat, 28/February/2013

The last half is better than the first

weirdbear, 28/February/2013

I thoroughly enjoyed this scene!

Dutch Dude, 28/February/2013

Really enjoyed this one. Never seen fisting as good as this and Damien gave Skylar a great fuck. Pity the bed creeked so much, put me off a bit

keith, 01/March/2013

Uune fois de plus, la scène était très bonne, bien filmée avec une qualité d'image inégalée.

françaismec, 01/March/2013

I love the ass-to-mouth

Boylicker, 03/March/2013

Fucking hell thats hot.... I love ass to mouth ;)

Cuteguy1979, 04/March/2013

In this scene someone is missing : Carl Baxter

Cris, 05/March/2013

Whoa! Can i please eat Tim Law's ass? Wow, he's hot!

austin , 29/May/2013


epis7copal, 06/August/2013

Missed that one and I am so glad I got to see it! Yes, the squeaky bed is really annoying but it definitely was worth goijg through this as the second part of the vid is fantastic! The three boys are awesome, sexy and gorgeous and really enjoy the sex! Skylar has such gorgeous litle hole and the final part is so horny! Cum into hole, cock dipping into hole and cum covered cock being fed to mouth ... such a treat! One of the best vids! 5*

DJ, 29/April/2015

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