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Horny Twink Fucks His Mate’s Ass Raw, Then Gets Fisted For Fun! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 82)
Added: 09/March/2013
Duration: 24 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


With his auburn hair and his slightly impish looks, young Alexander Syden looks the very picture of innocent perfection – the kind of boy who would never for one moment think of doing anything improper. But as this scene with Tim Walker demonstrates, looks can be dangerously deceptive, for the fact of the matter is that Syden is a veritable whore when it comes to cock and a guy who becomes almost uncontrollable at the thought of having his ass stretched to the utmost by some insatiable fist!

In this instance provided by Walker – a fellow whose own libido is questionable frenetic. Indeed, the scene is barely a few minutes old before Walker is rubbing his rump against Syden’s dick; and having enjoyed being rimmed and fingered by Syden he’s soon taking every inch of cock for real. In many ways, however, this is the red-head’s scene; and having pleasured his mate big-style it’s soon time for Syden to part his legs and take everything that Walker can muster in his cannon.

A cock, a hand – super-slut Syden opens up for it all, and sprays a handsome wad of jizz in appreciation. It’s left only for Walker to spew into the power-bottom’s mouth to call it a wrap!

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Well done Tim. You're fuckin' gorgeous and you love what you do. Even so, this scene deserved a Tim more rough while topping Syden.. And of course a little more of the camera from behind when topping

Vaclav, 09/March/2013

Tm, youre insatiable and hot, hot, hot. Alexander is gorgeous and also very hot. i agree tim has great ass, would love to see more action with tim topping.

robyrob1, 09/March/2013


peter poort, 09/March/2013

A fantastic scene from two really hot boys. Alexander's reaction to his fisting is sensational.

viewtalay2, 09/March/2013

I don't usually go for fisting but all of this was so hot. Both models are gorgeous and I love Tim.

Ryan, 09/March/2013

Remarkable, really hot!

keith, 09/March/2013

Great boys but missing ass-to-mouth in scenes. Fisting is a bit of a turnoff.

A2M-lover, 10/March/2013

Loved it, great scene.

memesteve, 10/March/2013

Aucun superlatif n'est assez fort pour qualifier cette grandiose scène : la meilleure scène que j'aie vue depuis trente ans que je visionne du porno gay.Deux acteurs extraordina

FRANCAIS MEC, 10/March/2013


WEIRDBEAR, 12/March/2013

Tim, you were great, but I have already seen much better from you in other scenes. In Staxus and in other places..

Cris, 12/March/2013

Bravo !! Incredible performance. To see a fisting scene with two young twinks is unheard of. I've been viewing scenes for 25 years and this one is top material !! Keep up the GREAT work guys !!

Bill, 02/April/2013

Unbelievable! A m-u-s-t see video. Two very handsome young heart-throbs exploring the most daring of sexual pleasures!

wihakowi, 10/April/2013

your site delays videos too often. I WILL ALLOW MY SUBSCRIPTION TO RUN OUT.

hornynipples, 21/April/2013

Not a huge fisting fan but this scene with Tim Walker is a classic already, I replay those orgasmic spasms as Alexander cums with Tims fist up his butt. Perfect little slut boy!

DeWayne in San Diego, 12/May/2013

very delicious the Youth post-1989 so lustful and homosexual, sweet and very masculine. Also wonderful panties and underwear. Really homosexuality is the religion of the third millennium, the new ideology to be taught in schools.

Paolo, 26/May/2013

wonderful! fisting do is go to the source of masculinity. and the boys are so cute, so adorable with their delicious moans ... this gay sex scene is sacred! It is the origin of life which is the male sexual pleasure, the divine cock in erection, the male orgasm, the noble ejaculation and the precious sperm.

Paolo, 29/May/2013

Tim and Alexander, so cutes. Homosexuality is the new nobility!

Paolo, 29/May/2013

I wrote all nonsense

Paolo, 29/May/2013

Boo hoo horny nipples , staxus wont be the same without you :) watching thick cock slide in and out of tim ;)))

jayjay, 17/July/2013

Paolo, bin ich mit Ihnen 100% einverstanden!

hrj1988: Johan, 27/July/2013

Paolo... I agree with you one hundred percent. Just as a point of information to anyone who is not already aware... very few of the männliche Modelle (models, actors) use their real names. For obvious reasons. Vielen Dank!

hrj1988: Johan, 27/July/2013

That young "boy" made my ass hungry for a thick cock to penetrate my ass for a long session of fucking bareback with cum filling my ass. Nothing better than hot cum filling my hungry hole. The only thing I could not do was accept a fist in my ass.

2hornynipples, 31/July/2013

quite good especially, the fisting which i'm generally into.

epis7copal, 25/August/2013

Great scene! Two very very hot twinks doing all of the best kind of porn! Hard to find quality like this!!!

Gaunt 40K, 27/September/2013

he gave as good as he got, but then the fisting , is there no end to what he can take

zaharakid, 21/November/2013

It would be awesome if this would actually play...

Tim, 04/December/2013

Pure, noble gay Ecstasy !!!

Paolo, Rome, 15/January/2014

I repeat, I wrote only nonsense!

Paolo, Rome, 16/January/2014

A fantastic Fisting: true Love between Males. It's pure, delicious, noble Lust.

PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

i joke

PaoloRome, 22/February/2015

Love Tims georgeous cock ,he's a really pretty babe too would love to eat a suck him all day and eternity .A lovely big cock on Devon too mmmmmm

Stu, 14/July/2016

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