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Spunky Massage Results In A Jizz-Loaded Bareback Threesome! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 47)
Added: 11/March/2013
Comments: 25


Is there anything more enjoyable than a good oily rubdown courtesy of a horny handsome stud? Certainly young Tim Walker doesn’t seem to be able to think of anything, that’s for sure – indeed, the tent in his towel appears to suggest that he’s more than impressed with John Parker’s efforts on the massage front. Then again, how many masseurs are prepared to be quite as “hands-on” as Parker is here? Or who have sexy mates like Kevin Ateah, who are only too willing and eager to join in the fun ...?

Let’s put it this way, they don’t come two-a-penny! And nor do scenes like this, as our band of intrepid fuck-buddies promptly engage in a stupendous, breathtaking threesome that’ll have you pulling on your todger like a being possessed! Ateah, in particular, is a star performer,from the moment he walks into the room, slurping on Walker and Parker’s dicks before taking turns to ride raw on all that hard flesh like a pro-time slut.

Small wonder that the boy is soon emptying his ball-sac for all and sundry; before Parker splatters his ass-hole with a fine wad of hot jizz. In short, exactly the kind of bareback filth that we know our legion of spunk-lovin’ fans will adore!

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Excellent scene, congratulations to all concerned!

memesteve, 11/March/2013

Great stuff!

Miguel, 11/March/2013

Nice job, but Kevin and Tim can do better. It's too short what they have done on this scene. Kevin and Tim can do much more. More action was needed here. Only two positions in bottoming ? Oh c'mon mr director... Do more with those two excellent teen sluts

Vaclav, 12/March/2013

Hey Valcav! We had requests from some of our members to do a proper massage scene, where the massage and foreplay part would last longer than 10 minutes, so that's what we did :) - Andy, 12/March/2013

I´m happy with the massage part :-) Excellent scene

Steven, 12/March/2013

Excellente scène.TIM WALKER est formidable Bravo

FRANCAIS MEC, 12/March/2013

I found it a good scene. I like the build up with the massage but I can understand that not everybody likes this. The only thing I missed in this scene was some kissing. I think there was room for including this into scene.

Dutch Dude, 12/March/2013

I had ask Andy for this scene. So thanx dear Andy to share such a hot and delicious scene with us !!!

flyingdog, 12/March/2013

Dear Andy. I haven't been able to find a massage video where the boy massaged appears with the trunks or briefs on during the first portion when the full massage is being carried out (legs, thighs, back, front, arms...). It had been an exciting first part better than completely naked from the beginning.

JAGarcia, 26/March/2013

Nice massage and there is nothing better than a baby oil wank . I had to join in coating my cock in the stuff but shot my load long before the end . More lubed wanks please !

stella4, 27/March/2013

Einer der genialsten Filme die ich kenne.

frankob, 10/July/2013

sweet, noble gay Lust !

Paolo, rome, 15/January/2014

no, noble Stupidity !

Paolo, rome, 25/January/2014

Awesome! And to follow up, how about a nuru massage orgy? Alex Syden has the novice going for a massage. Tim Walker, Felix Webster and Brad Fitt as the "instructors". Forget the baby oil - just a very large bucket of nuru gel and a big paddling pool or similar to slide around in?

nixd2009, 30/January/2014

TIM WALKER YOU ARE SO SO BEAUTIFUL .I'VE WATCHED ALL YOUR MOVIES YOUR SO PRETTY .llm pretty sure I have HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU YOUR cock your eyes mmmmmm would love to suck you forever would love to lick you all over especially your nice pair of balls.

STU , 28/March/2016

I'm not the biggest rimming enthusiast, but this has a really well-lit and well-shot rimming sequence. Well done in all respects. Nice how the guys treated each other, too. Nice scene.

GaryHerbert, 14/February/2018

Tim Walker is one of the sweetest guys I've seen to date, I just love his smile! When he first rolls-over and you see him peeking-out from underneath the towel, that did it for me.

Mark, 18/February/2018

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