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Brit Boy Aurora Rides Czech Cock, Then Gets Fingered & Fisted! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 15/March/2013
Comments: 25


Let’s be perfectly honest here, Brad Fitt and Aaron Aurora are probably two of the biggest sluts that we’ve got on the STAXUS books, so it’s not surprising that we were all looking forward to this stupendous pairing when we heard about it. Suffice it to say, we were not disappointed!

And neither, for that matter, will you be. Both Fitt and Aurora are in top-notch form as they kick off with a sexy, romantic clinch that quickly (and not surprisingly!) develops into something much harder. Fact is neither of these boys can wait to get feasting on each other’s dicks – first Fitt, who slurps on Aurora’s dipstick with typical gusto; then Aurora, whose mouth slides up and down his pal’s shaved cock with such ease that you’d think he was born for the job! But the real action begins when Aurora finally sits down on Fitt’s knob, riding that thick length of meat for all he’s worth.

It’s the signal for a stupendous fuck-and-fist session that sees Fitt’s dick eventually replaced first by his clenched hand, then by a sex-toy – much to the Brit boy’s obvious delight! All nicely topped off by a stunning open-mouthed facial that sees Aurora splattered with jizz and looking every inch the total slag!

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Get's 5 stars from me - excellent.

memesteve, 15/March/2013

one of the best

peter, 15/March/2013

Awesome video 5 stars from me. I'd hoped to see Aaron in a fisting scene :-) thanks for this.!!!

Miguel, 15/March/2013

Excellente scène : bravo STAXUS

FRANCAIS MEC, 15/March/2013

This scene didn't work for me which is somewhat odd as I like both models. The chair hampers the action. Better to use a decent size couch or a bed. What also needs looking at, not only in this scene but others as well, is the use of make up. Sometimes the faces look too unnatural. Maybe less is more?

Dutch Dude, 17/March/2013

Aaron Aurora is my dream boy. Wathching this scene, I take 4 minutes to cum in my underwear! I found it great.

Ferran, 14/July/2013

Aaron Aurora is the best! You should put him with my other best Alexander Syden. I love these guys skinny legs and very pale skin, it's a plus in my world. Less plucked eye's is better too. :-)

DarrinSkii, 17/February/2014

I love these oldie but goodies. I loved how Brad wore Aarons shit pipe like a flesh light on his cock. I know I'm crude lol but it's fun and that's what he did.

bobby, 16/August/2014

Both Aaron Aurora and Brad Fitt are great . I love Aaron' s body and Brad' s beauty. Great when Brad cums in Aaron' s mouth !

marop75, 01/January/2015

Brad can dump that hot sweet creamy load in my mouth & down my throat any time ;)

mwhisky, 07/February/2015

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