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Winter Wonderland? Cock-Banging Fresco Results In Cum-Frenzy Whiteout! HD

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Added: 21/March/2013
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Dark-haired beauties, Kris Wallace and Rudy Bodlak, love nothing better than to take time out to enjoy a winter walk in the woods together – or at least that’s what they might like you to believe from the snowy introduction to this scene. In reality, of course, there is one other activity that eclipses their love of the great outdoors – and no prizes for guessing what that is, as the two oversexed talents take time out to explore each other’s taut, muscular bodies in the warm comfort of a nearby cloakroom.

What’s more, the gusto with which they engage in their favourite hobby tells you everything you need to know about these horny young lads. Cock-jousting, dick-slurping, ass-rimming frolics are all part of the fun as the boys work themselves up towards a sweaty crescendo of raw fucking – the kind we just know you’re gonna love big time!

Wallace’s man-cunt just doesn’t stand a chance as his buddy pummels away like a wild animal, leaving the kid gasping for breath but yelping for more! Suffice it to say that it isn’t long before Wallace is quite literally having the jizz knocked out of him; before Bodlak erupts over his face, leaving the youngster looking the total slut!