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Winter Wonderland? Cock-Banging Fresco Results In Cum-Frenzy Whiteout! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 21/March/2013
Comments: 25


Dark-haired beauties, Kris Wallace and Rudy Bodlak, love nothing better than to take time out to enjoy a winter walk in the woods together – or at least that’s what they might like you to believe from the snowy introduction to this scene. In reality, of course, there is one other activity that eclipses their love of the great outdoors – and no prizes for guessing what that is, as the two oversexed talents take time out to explore each other’s taut, muscular bodies in the warm comfort of a nearby cloakroom.

What’s more, the gusto with which they engage in their favourite hobby tells you everything you need to know about these horny young lads. Cock-jousting, dick-slurping, ass-rimming frolics are all part of the fun as the boys work themselves up towards a sweaty crescendo of raw fucking – the kind we just know you’re gonna love big time!

Wallace’s man-cunt just doesn’t stand a chance as his buddy pummels away like a wild animal, leaving the kid gasping for breath but yelping for more! Suffice it to say that it isn’t long before Wallace is quite literally having the jizz knocked out of him; before Bodlak erupts over his face, leaving the youngster looking the total slut!

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Superb. Really well done ! Like the way I really enjoy : passion and sex. Congratulations guys. Kriss, your body is very hot and you know how to deliver your body to your partner. And Rudy did a nice job using your body, using your ass, spitting it and fingering it. Reall hot sex after this and a final hot scene when Rudy came. This is porn Staxus

Vaclav, 21/March/2013

I agree, it was good to see they were really into it and showed plenty of passion.

memesteve, 21/March/2013

hot scene one of the better ones lately, great porn staxus , i agree with the above comments totally.

robyrob1, 21/March/2013

i always miss playing in the snow ...that should of been me sandwiched lol x

connor levi, 21/March/2013

Super nice and hot budies and very good performers! As too much often Staxus let the performers keep their clothes during the sucking scenes! It's much more erotic when we see them most of the time completly naked,with so nice bodies, during sucking and fucking performance! What's the idea to keep the fucking snow sun glasses, it's very disturbing!

jsbachl, 21/March/2013

Totally agree with Vaclav: Passionate, hot sex, great final section when Rudy comes. Would agree, the snow sun glasses could have come off, otherwise - One of your best recently. Great

Keith, 21/March/2013

This is for CONNOR : I agree with you, this could be a great scene for you. But I have already suggested on forum that you can do the same with, for instance, Tim Walker. But certainly you will get the chance to do something like this or even better probably ;)

Vaclav, 21/March/2013

This scene made me a happy guy! Excellent performance by both models. Good sucking skills from Kris and the power fuck by Rudy is a joy to watch. This scene reminded me of the 'old' days. More of such scenes please. (Tiny, tiny, tiny thing I woud like to see different: ski trousers totally off at the beginning of the scene just as the ski goggle.)

Dutch Dude, 21/March/2013

Wow...Kris Wallace is a great find, cracking body on him. Loving Rudy's lightly haired, toned abs as well. Top marks.

Mike, 28/March/2013

Kris is spectacular - more with him please. You could really tell they were into each other. Rudy was also very hot in this scene. Excellent work.

RJ, 17/August/2013

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