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Flip-Flop School-Time Playmates Get All Fucked & Spunked Out! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 23/March/2013
Comments: 25


Perhaps it’s because he’s such a horny little fucker, but cute twink Brad Fitt never seems to run short of attraction from other pert beauties – be he in school uniform or out! On this particular occasion, however, he’s supporting a distinctly teenage look, as he teams up with fellow blond beauty, Kamyk Walker, for the kind of anatomy lesson that ought to be made compulsory for everyone in education.

Not that either of these lads appear to be in need of any tuition when it comes to handling dick, as the pair each display a level of keen proficiency from the very start; but practice, as they say, makes perfect, and Walker in particular can’t wait to display his oral skills on Fitt’s hairless cock and ass. Needless to say it’s not long before Fitt is showing off his own abilities – an exercise ultimately cut short by Walker’s determination to bury his ramrod deep inside his pal’s already over-experienced pucker.

Cue a magnificent flip-flop fuck-fest that sees both hungry asses get stretched to the limit; before Walker blasts home over his own chest and Fitt spurts right over his mate’s belly to coat the lad’s face with copious amounts of pent-up, gooey nectar. Magnificent!

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Very awasome scene!!!! Super hot boys, very good performers and so attracting and erotic! More of them!

jsbachl, 23/March/2013

When I heared these two were doing a scene together I expected something special. I got it. Erotic, romantic, sexy. This scene had everything! It doesn't get much better than this!

keith, 23/March/2013

Nice one Brad !

memesteve, 24/March/2013

A very nice beginning, specially the part where Kamyk ate Brad's hole, and the final scene, the cumshot part. These two moments were very nice indeed. The rest was warm... During almost five minutes (14' to 19'), I only saw Kamyk behind Brad. Just that. The camera should have shown us what Kamyk was really doing with Brad. If we could see the penetration brom behind it would be great. And with Kamyk and Brad that shouldn't be wasted...

Vaclav, 25/March/2013

Good chemistry between Brad and Kamyk!

Steven, 27/March/2013

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