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Sexy Blond Twink Gets Fucked Raw By His Horny Older Pal! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 27/March/2013
Comments: 25


Young blond, Tim Walker, is still very much a kid at heart. So much so that he’d still prefer to be playing with his toy helicopter than pay attention to the needs of handsome stud, Rick Nielson, in the next room. Don’t worry though, it’s not a situation that continues for very long. First opportunity and Nielson has made his move, pouncing on the youngster like a lion stalking a gazelle.

What’s more, Walker never stands a chance. Before he knows it the tattooed hunk has reached into his jeans and is tugging on the lad’s dick like you wouldn’t believe. Little surprise that Walker is soon returning the favour by chewing on Nielson’s rock-hard meat like a new plaything. If anything, however, it’s Walker’s ass that’s the latest craze on this block, as the older lad rims the boy’s hole before thrusting every inch of his cock deep inside the all-too-eager pucker.

Cue a truly fantastic display of older-on-younger action that’ll have you jerking off like crazy – Walker proving a total slut to his more experienced compatriot, who quite literally fucks the spunk out of the boy for your pleasure. All culminating in a delirious blast of jizz on Nielson’s part, eagerly lapped up by pretty-boy Walker!

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Phenomenal ! My God, this "kid" is awesome. What a brilliant performance... Of course Nielsen gave him a big help, but Tim was superb. The beginning was...I have no words. So hot, so sexy, so sensual. This "kid" has everything. Two, three, four, five times ;) 5 stars for this scene. Probably the best scene made so far in 2013. Even so, to be PERFECT Tim should have done a little doggy-style, receiving Nielsen from behind on his knees. Brilliant Tim ! Now I have no more words for this performance ;)

Vaclav, 27/March/2013

Insanely HOT.... ;)

Cuteguy1979, 27/March/2013

Hottest offering we've had in a while. Tim Walker is awesome!! Hope we see much more of Tim.

mrdp, 27/March/2013

HOT with capital letters is indeed the right word for this fantastic scene. This is how good gay porn should be. When I saw that there was going to be a scene with Tim Walker and Ricky Nielsen I was afraid that the pairing would not work but the end result proves me wrong. Good performances by both models and the director. Especially love the shots from around 17.05 and 20.38. Did you know that Ricky Nielsen is also an excellent bottom (hint, hint)?

Dutch Dude, 27/March/2013

Agree with Vaclav: Tim Walker has really come on. Wow what a performance! Great.

keith, 28/March/2013

Au risque de me répéter, je confirme que Tim WALKER est le minet le plus génial que j'ai vu depuis trente ans que je regarde régulièrement du porno gay.Ce minet, il faut nous le servir à toutes les sauces et le plus souvent possible.

Pascaloux, 28/March/2013

Je suis d' accord avec toi Pascaloux. Tim Walker c'est genial. Ce minet aime beaucoup du porno. On peut voir qu'il a la passion et qu'il a un beau corps, sans oublier ce petit visage coquin ;)

Vaclav, 29/March/2013

my God, i would only eat the Milk of Tim!

Paolo, Rome, 25/January/2014

i wrote only Stupidity !

Paolo, 25/January/2014

Gloriously beautiful! My fave twink and my fave hunk in the same erotic! Tim, Rick and milk: a winning combination!

existenz, 14/March/2014

Can I please mary Tim Walker? :-) Applause to the camera man who filmed his fucked ass and his cute face at once. I love porns like this.

Bobby, 26/March/2014

ride Sex of Tim is pure Elegance !

PaoloMonaco, 16/August/2017

but spiritual Elegance is better

PaoloMonaco, 17/August/2017

but true Elegance is arian spiritual Purity.

PaoloMonaco, 27/August/2017

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