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Sensuous Masseur Gives Rudy Valentino’s Well-Used Dick A Hard Raw Ride! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 14)
Added: 29/March/2013
Duration: 28 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


Teaming up with Rudy Valentino is almost akin to meeting porn royalty, but take our word for it when we say that Xander Hollis doesn’t allow that fact go to his head for one moment in this scene. The youngster’s a bright lad and knows perfectly well that it’s an esteemed honour to be added onto the list of guys that Valentino has fucked, but there’s not the slightest sense that Hollis is overcome by the occasion.

Instead he knocks out a teasing, sensuous performance that is almost worthy of an Oscar! First a little play with a piece of silk against the superstar’s skin, then a well-honed massage, then a bit of cock-play ... it’s a slow-burning build-up to the main event and every minute seems to add to the sexual chemistry between these lads. And when the crescendo finally arrives – Hollis mounting Valentino’s raw cock cowboy-style, having just rimmed and fingered the legend’s ass-hole – it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Hollis plays the role of power-bottom to an almost classical degree, allowing his ass to be thoroughly ploughed like a total pro. It’s a coupling that’ll almost etch itself onto the back of your retina; topped off by a superb spray of cum from both parties. In short, we defy you to view this cock-tingling display without nutting big-time!

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I expected more emotion between Xander and Rudy in the "second part" of this performance. I expected more, because these two dudes have already shown us more than this. Looks like that they only did it (they were there to do the "second part") and didn't have...pleasure. Even so, this scene deserves a big applause. I loved the music (so mysterious) and that scene with the scarf made by Xander with Rudy...That was exciting ! Despite my small critique ago, this scene was very well produced and directed.

Vaclav, 29/March/2013

This scene is decidedly different but I'm not certain if it succeeds on all fronts. I think the music fits the scene but it should have stopped much earlier. In the second half the music was reduced to some background drone that my ears did not find very appealing. The central theme of this is scene is a tantric massage. I think it is very difficult to convey the feeling of such a massage to the viewer. Music alone is not enough to experience the feeling of a tantric massage to the viewer. I would have opted for a different approach in which 'mysteriousness' was the central theme. Same decor and same music but with Rudy blindfolded and his mouth and body kissed by Xander gradually removing Rudy's scarf and then sucking his dick. Music still playing. Then the blindfold removed from Rudy's eyes end he begins to kiss Xander's body all over, removing the scarf and then sucking his dick. When the fucking starts music fades out so that we can hear the moaning of the models. Fucking would be more intense and passionate then we saw in this scene. I found it a little bit bland. Should have included the normal cowboy position fucking after the first reverse cowboy position fucking. Cumshots were excellent. This scene has some nice angles and, like Vaclav says, is well produced.

Dutch Dude, 29/March/2013

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Paolo, 26/May/2013

you two guys look good with one on one I like it when you fuck it make hot it make me cum in my underwear I am jackingoff now you guys have big dick I look to see you cum on each other you look good jacking him off suck that dick I know hes loving it make him cum on your face thanks you guys keep up the good work you guys or the best..................

loving20134444, 16/June/2013

male homosexuality is a true religious cult ? NO, ONLY STUPIDITY !!!!

Paolo, 25/January/2014

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