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Winter Wonderland Part 3: 5-Guy Fuck-Fest - A shower of jizz from every direction! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 31/March/2013
Duration: 32 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Playing in the snow can be real good fun, but would anything truthfully compare to the opportunity of getting together with a gang of your favourite fuck-buddies for a hot, horny session of raw cock action? That’s the dilemma faced by this gaggle of wide-eyed, big-dicked mates – and take it from us it doesn’t take them long to make a decision. Before you know it Milan Sharp, Chase Anderson, Kris Wallace, Xander Hollis and Michael Moon are stripped to their underwear and engaged in a scorching set-piece of rampant cock worship.

Culminating in a fellatio daisy-chain that really does have to be seen to be believed! Needless to report it’s not long before all that oral attention has left this gang feeling very much on the raunchy side, as they begin to finger and rim each other’s asses in anticipation of the inevitable hole-filling antics to cum.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s Sharp and Hollis who serve as chief bottoms, eventually acting as two parts of a three-guy pile-fuck; together with Wallace, who ultimately serves as the centrepiece to this fine escapade of male-bonding and whose slim, lithe body gets showered with jizz for his efforts. By the time all five lads have nutted you can literally sense the mutual satisfaction and almost smell the stench of spunk!

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Well, that lived up to my expectations, congratulations to all concerned, loved it. 5 stars.

memesteve, 31/March/2013

Didn't like this. Our dudes spent almost 17 minutes suckin' each other, 17 minutes... In my opinion, the only good thing was when Milan, Xander and other dude were fuckin'. I expected much more, so much more, specially from Kris Wallace. The main purpose of porn is to see clearly penetration and in this particulary scene with Kris, when he bas gangbanged, we could only see the first one topping him. For me, this scene could be five stars. With dudes like these ones it would be five stars. But it isn't. This is a very calm gangbang. But I know I will get much more from Kris and Milan in future scenes...

Vaclav, 31/March/2013

This is for everyone that works for Staxus and for all Staxus's viewers: have a Happy Easter !

Vaclav, 31/March/2013

Overall this was a good movie. But, please please please stop ruining Milan Sharp's cumshot scenes by only focusing close up and from strange angles. This is an issue with almost every one of his scenes. His cumshots seem to be spectacular, but you rarely get to see them properly. Close-ups are fine, but you also should have shown this shot from above so we could see the cum showering down, which would have looked amazing.

visitor, 31/March/2013

Loved it. It was rather calm compared to some other recent scenes, but the two new boys performed well for their first Staxus scene.We got some hot chains and georgous Kris covered in jizz.

Steven, 31/March/2013

I also found this a good scene but it had in my opinion two things that could have been done differently or better. 1. The sucking part lasted too long and 2. when Kris was fucked the penetration shots could have been filmed better. Most models performed very well so no complaints here. Its been a long time since I have seen Michael Moon and I'm glad he's back on the block. Love the eagernes of Kris and Milan is such a dependable performer with a cock that is rock hard from start to finish. I would rate this scene 4½ stars. About Milan's cumshot: I think Milan's cum is not so thick as most other performers and therefore is more difficult to capture well on film.

Dutch Dude, 31/March/2013

Dutch Dude: fair point about Milan's cumshot. I still think at least one camera should be from a wider point so we can see the whole shot and where it lands as he cums because he sprays a lot. Just my opinion. :)

visitor, 31/March/2013

I loved it. I can understand some of the points made by others, but suggesting there's too much sucking is a matter of personal preference. "The main purpose of porn is to see clearly penetration" - no, the main purpose of porn is to present adult action of all kinds, not just penetration. Some of us love all the sucking in a video, and some even prefer that over fucking. So if Staxus only made anal videos to please you, they won't be pleasing a lot of others who love oral! I think some are far too critical, as if every video a studio ever makes should be made just for them. There are others watching these too, and they're not all into the same things you are. 5/5 from me on this one, loved it! Especially Kris Wallace!

Tommy, 31/March/2013

No, the main purpose of porn is Not just penetration. Agree with Tommy points. Good close up shots of fucking. Overall, I enjoyed the scene. Don't agree with Vaclavs comments. Not quite 5 stars, but very enjoyable.

Keith, 31/March/2013

Fantastic group orgy scene! The intro with the snow scene is awasome! All five boys have super nice bodies and dicks! Among the most beautiful and erotic scene I saw on this site! More of these kinky boys! The sucking, rimming and fucking parts put me in heavens! Suggestion: try some feet licking or feet jacking dicks scenes with these boys,it would be fantastic and put more erotism at the scenes! And this time we didn't have wait too a long time to see these young boys completly naked for sucking part!

jsbachl, 31/March/2013

I agree with you Tommy, but I haven't said that the main purpose of porn is "just" penetration. I haven't used the word "just". I said that the main purpose of porn is to see clearly penetration, of course when penetration is done. That's what I said about the part of Kris. You almost don't see Kris getting penetrated. And this is a gangbang. Milan did a gang. I also agree with you that porn is to present adult action of all kinds but when there is penetration it must be shown us clearly. If you see sucking you must see penetration also. Totally. I also enjoy a lot the part of sucking. In my other comments, I have already said that the beginning should have sucking, rimming, fingering and so on and so on. In this particular scene, I only criticized 17 minutes of sucking because this is a gangbang. And a gangbang should have a big part of action, big such as the sucking part or even bigger. I souldn't have said that I disliked this scene. I should have said that I have already seen better here at Staxus. And you are also right Tommy that Staxus is for everyone. And I clearly respect that, because that's why I subscribed Staxus, for the quality and the ammount of all kinds of porn that we can see here. And I will repeat one thing : I will see much more of Kris and Milan because, for sure, they will continue to grow in this industry.

Vaclav, 01/April/2013

"In my other comments, I have already said that the beginning should have sucking, rimming, fingering and so on and so on"..... About this part, I must correct one thing : the beginning CAN have what directors want like sucking, rimming, fingering and so on and so on, depending the purpose or the spirit of the scene. Like I have said in other moments, keep up the good work Staxus !

Vaclav, 01/April/2013

I agree with Visitor about Milan's cumshot "I still think at least one camera should be from a wider point so we can see the whole shot and where it lands as he cums because he sprays a lot. Just my opinion. :)" Also a dark background would show up the trajectory of the cum a lot better than some of these pale coloured backgrounds.

memesteve, 01/April/2013

Agree with you memesteve. Milan's cumshot is awesome ! A camera should capture his cumshot... And Kris should be gangbanged from everyone at this scene ;). He's a super twink

Cris, 01/April/2013

hot briefs on hot boys

garthb, 17/April/2014

God, as is strongly holy the Virility of Chase !! True Manfestation of God to worshiping.

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

and delicious the Tan Line of Kris, a Sign that this noble Boy wears at the Beach tiny Biikinis that show all his sacred Virility. No more Bermuda! The Boys must to wear like in the '60s,' 70s and '80s minimal Briefs, which shows to everyone the noble Masculinity !!!

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

I read the Posts above. But I would specify that the true Meaning of homosexual Love is not so much physical Enjoyment, but spiritual Enjoyment, profound, metaphysical!

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

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