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Sweet-Faced Tim Law Gets Fucked By Older Mate & Receives A Face-Load Of Jizz For His Efforts! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 01/April/2013
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Young cutie, Tim Law, has always been the submissive type, but even we were surprised at how quickly he seemed to be kowtowed by Derrick Vandal’s buff, masterful physique when the two of them were introduced – over a game of cards, as it happens. Indeed, it’s no word of an exaggeration to say that Law was bouncing up and down the length of Vandal’s cock pretty much ten minutes after the said game concluded.

Mind, as this excellent scene clearly portrays, their encounter was very much a meeting of souls. Law, the compliant party, is only too eager and willing to be used by Vandal in any manner that his older, more aggressive partner sees fit. Hence the opening screw between the pair is promptly succeeded by Vandal face-fucking the youngster; before Law is thrust onto his back so that the elder lad can rim his pal’s tight little hungry pucker in anticipation of the next energetic, bareback fuck.

Not surprisingly, Law’s hole is soon being hammered once again for your crude entertainment – the lad tossed around like a fuck-doll before Vandal finally wraps proceedings up with a quite superb spray of spunk all over Law’s sweet little face. If you enjoy the sight of “innocence” being kicked by the boot of experience then this scene is for you!

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Splendid. Enjoyed a lot another performance of Tim Law and, specially, the chemistry between Tim and Derrick in this performance while they were kissing, sucking and making it... Well, well, I',m a Tim's big fan, but I suppose there are no doubts that this dude is a big performer here at Staxus. He loves what he does. That's why there is this chemistry with his partner. "Thank you" Tim for this little piece of you ;). A big applause for this performance of Tim and Derrick and also for Staxus. (by the way, it seems something is wrong in the beginning, because around minute 1 they are kissing and suddendly they are fucking).

Vaclav, 01/April/2013

Skip that terrible music intro please next time :

peter, 01/April/2013

What contrasting bodies ! A slim'one and a fat'one! Tim is for sure my favorite'one and his hairy legs make me horney! I must admit that Derrick is a good sucker, rimmer and fucker but is better to don't show his big fat face, not attractive at all!!!

jsbachl, 01/April/2013

I agree Vaclav. When they are kissing in a nice way, they are suddenly fucking. So no more foreplay? No underwear play? Too bad.

JAGarcia, 01/April/2013

Again, very satisfying. I liked espesiaaly the reversal of time-order : the fact that the person already fucked likcs the cock visiting his anal cunt and ,likewise, that the fucker licks the as-hole he aleady has banged

Erik Brown, 09/June/2013

Great bareback from that lovely beefy stud and Tim... I love the contrast from different body types! The jizz is WELL worth the wait...too bad about the foreplay.

existenz, 13/July/2014

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