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Young Blond Gets A Double-Dicked Raw Fuck From His Horny Stud Buddies! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 23)
Added: 02/April/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Anyone who’s previously seen the delicious strawberry-blond airhead, Alexander Syden, in action will already know that he just can’t resist a hard cock when it’s thrust into his face, so you can imagine his excitement when Zac Todd and Milan Sharp call in at his Prague apartment and immediately pull out their dicks for his attention.

Believe us, this boy is like a feckin’ dog on heat and is slurping on all that fresh meat like his bloody life depends on it. Then again, with a pair of randy studs like Todd and Sharp in the room you can easily understand why! Suffice it to say, however, that it’s no time at all before the two visitors are busy taking turns to fuck Syden’s all-too-eager ass-hole, spit-roasting the bugger for all that he’s worth and generally treating him like a worthless fuck-doll.

Things get even hotter, however, when the two buddies decide that what their blond mate needs is a raw round of double-penetration – which they’re only too eager and willing to provide! It’s a move that gets Syden bustin’ his nuts in no time at all; whilst Todd and Sharp close out proceedings by jerking all over their witless pal’s face for good measure. In short, total raunchy filth that has the STAXUS name written all over it and which will leave your balls totally and utterly dry!

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P R O D I G I O U S... A loud applause for Zac, Milan and Alexander. This is Splendid ! I will not soon forget what happens from 12,50 minutes ;).

Vaclav, 02/April/2013

AWESOME scene. Alexander sure can take anything in his hole and loves the cum facials. More of him is certainly welcomed !!

Bill, 02/April/2013

More of Alexander Syden PLEASE, only with better lighting and camera angles. This could have been....should have been a five star scene.

mrdp, 02/April/2013

Pour la première fois depuis longtemps, la qualité des images était moyenne alors qu'habituellement STAXUS ets de très loin le meilleur site en matière de HD.Quant'à ALEXANDER, c'est un minet génial que j'espère revoir souvent sur le site

PASCALOUX, 02/April/2013

Staxus should fly in Alexander again - for a gangbang ;)

Steven, 02/April/2013

Like mrdp said here above: this could have been a five star scene. The two main problems for me are: 1. the quality of the images is not as good as it should be (maybe buy a better camera) and 2. I miss good penetration shots. I know not everybody likes them but what is the use of doing a bareback scene without good penetration shots? I think all major studios that do bareback scenes include them and there is a reason for that (namely that a majority of the members of these studios want to see them). If John Smith can film them why not Michael Burling?

Dutch Dude, 02/April/2013

This is a fuckin' hot, hot, hot scene, but of course there are two things that should be better in this scene : more light and large penetration angles. I wanted to see from behind Milan fuckin' Syden and I wanted to see better Zac's hole ;) when he was topping Syden. That's why I agree with Dutch Dude about penetration shots. But this is good. Gooood

Cris, 02/April/2013

More of Alexander!!!

Powerangel, 06/August/2013

Alexander is Star ONE!

Gaunt 40K, 27/September/2013

Make 100 more videos of Alexander Syden, this guy is soooooooooo very beautiful. I love his redish style hair color too.

DarrinSkii, 17/October/2013

this little fella is brilliant, he really loves his job, how much cock can he take

zaharakid, 21/November/2013

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