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69-ing On The Sofa Leads To A Fantastic Flip-Flop Fuck & Loads Of Hot Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 25)
Added: 03/April/2013
Duration: 29 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


He’s a relatively new kid on the STAXUS block but it’s already pretty common knowledge that young Kris Wallace is a horny little slut on the quiet, so it’s not surprising that he can’t resist waking Milan Sharp for a hardcore session of raw cock action. What’s more, the sight of Sharp’s shaved dick in all its glory seems to excite the dark-haired lad into an even more intense rapture than usual, as he slurps on the hard meat with the kind of gusto that could almost result in his partner reaching an all-too-early climax!

Fortunately for all concerned, Sharp’s soon back in control, returning the favour in a series of imaginative positions; before the two lads eventually fall together top-to-tail on the sofa for a splendid session of mutual cock-worship and ass-rimming. It’s the perfect appetiser for the main event, namely an energetic flip-flop fuck that results in both horny lads getting their ass-holes stretched to the max for your entertainment.

What’s more, you don’t have to be much of an expert to appreciate that both guys very clearly love every second of their sordid parade, culminating in two deliciously splendid money-shots that sees lashings of fresh jizz sprayed in every direction!

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great camera work !!!!

mrdp, 03/April/2013

That's I call a TOP scene, Ultra sensual!!! Perfect pairing with these two Star Performers!!! The camera work is a PRO one!!! IMAGINE the same scene with feet playing, feet licking, feet jacking each others dick or a standupdown licking,rimming with these super nice young boys!!! More of you Kris and Milan!!!

jsbachl, 03/April/2013

This scene is so hot and horny that it is an Instant Staxus classic. Five stars without any reserve. Two performers who like what they are doing and it shows. Very well filmed with good penetration shots. My compliments to Milan, Kris, John and all the other people who contributed to this scene.

Dutch Dude, 03/April/2013

Wow! Excellent scene with plenty of passion, great performances by both cute boys and even though Kris just edges it for me I have to say Milans cum shots do it for me every time! A HD video scene of a compilation of his cum shots with a couple thrown in of previously unseen ones would I'm sure be very popular - certainly for me anyway haha! Congratulations all around.

memesteve, 03/April/2013

This is my "second" best scene of 2013 ; . This is a fantastic job done by two gorgeous twinks on screen. This is really raw sex. Marvellous ! Just two little detaila : we could have seen Milan's ass if, for instance, he has done his blowjob with his knees on the floor. That would be top. And the camera work on doggy style should have given us more minutes, more minutes... Just these two little details, because, about the whole scene, this is, and I am repeating myself, this is marvellous. I would pay to have Kris on my own (lol). Not five stars. Maaaaaaany stars ;)

Vaclav, 04/April/2013

Will watch this scene again and again. There is more flying than Milans cumshots ...

Steven, 04/April/2013

Very nice!

Robster, 13/May/2014

I love me some Kris Wallace. You can tell he loves getting that magnificent ass of his fucked like there's no tomorrow!

Robby, 16/October/2015

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