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Back-Of-The-Bike Bareback Fornication Gets This Screwdriver-Lovin’ Pair Into Overdrive! HD

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Added: 07/April/2013
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We’re not overly convinced that Skylar Blu’s mechanical skills are as robust as this scene might like to convince us, but is there any gay guy alive who wouldn’t love to have him provide a full service with that handsome tool of his? Double entendres aside, however, this is one young man who oozes sex from every pore. Throw in the additional allure of the fantastically hot Xander Hollis and a motorbike (has man ever invented a sexier piece of machinery?) and you have the makings of a STAXUS classic.

Given the circumstances it’ll probably cum as no surprise that both boys are on top-notch form right from the off, taking turns to blow each other off; before Hollis turns up the heat by thrusting one of Blu’s own screwdrivers into the mechanic’s ass. It’s a somewhat appropriate tool to use, of course, but it doesn’t compare to Hollis’s cock – and the good news is that that’s exactly what follows the screwdriver up Blu’s pucker!

As such, Hollis is soon balls-deep in his pal’s raw love-hole; and things only intensify when Blu mounts Hollis’s dick on the back of the bike! Believe us, it’s a turn of events that’s surely gonna blow your nads there and then, so whether you ever see the lads spew their own loads is open to question. In two words, unforgettable filth!