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Horny Fucker Connor Levi Gets Banged Good & Proper In A Sling By His Mates! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 12)
Added: 11/April/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Not all of us can afford a sling to have sex in, let alone a basement or cellar to house one, but young Connor Levi has no such problems. What’s more, he’s more than happy to share his good fortune with his friends, inviting Zac Todd and Rudy Valentino over for some spare-time frolics – two guys who are more than happy to indulge Levi’s private fantasy and who are soon engaging in a little cock-sucking fun.

As it happens it’s no time at all before the cool and classy Valentino has swopped feasting on Levi’s dick for something a little more hardcore, thrusting that eight inch beauty of his deep into Levi’s asshole; and it’s a move that’s quickly replicated by Todd, whose balls proceed to slap against Levi’s rump with such timely precision that you could almost be forgiven for thinking that Jenkins was some sort of robot.

Not that there’s anything that could be regarded as unfeeling or mechanical about the terrific performance that these three lads duly provide, with Valentino soon returning to his position in Levi’s asshole so that Jenkins can pump a handsome wad all over sling-boy’s face. A move soon replicated by Valentino himself, leaving Levi splattered in copious amounts of fresh hot jizz. A picture perfect end to a near-perfect fuck!

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Three very nice boys! What a WASTE with always the fucking clothes! What's the problem Mr the director???? I call that a porn clothing site!!!What's the idea to let them keep their clothes during sucking,rimming or fucking performing??? Too cold for their feet.....put a carpet on the floor!!! Socks and briefs or shorts or swimsuits something erotical for you??? They dont't want to have dirty feet...put a carpet...Why one of the performer is always looking at the camera...he feels as he is boring....We don't see that they have pleasure to do sex.. very mechanical.!!!!! On other side I can say that you can show most more interesting and erotical scenes without the fucking clothes! I'm sure that others members think like me and I invite you to give your opinion about that because I can say that this site has all to be a super site with your super models! Sincerly my opinion!!!

jsbachl, 11/April/2013

Hi How can I download the film?

Albert, 11/April/2013

Yesterday it was socks, and today we have socks and clothes on the menu once more. Every director that does scenes for Staxus should be aware that 99,9 % of the Staxus members do not want to see this so why is it so hard to instruct models to put socks and clothes entirely of at the beginning of the scene? Filming a sex scene with a sling is not easy. Most of the time these scenes fail because the camera has problems with the movement of the sling and the awkward position the bottom guy finds himself in. Some views of the action in this scene are good but it seems that the camera has problems with close ups when the light is insufficient (for instance when the action is filmed from underneath). For me the best model in this scene is Zac Todd who shows he is a dependable performer. When editing a scene it would be a good idea to shorten the time a model is jacking of to produce a cumshot. You would do the model a big favor and me as a viewer because it sometimes can be painful to watch. I really hope the director is taking the views of the Staxus members at heart. After all, a gay porn website can only exist because of its members. We all make mistakes but the important thing is to learn from them. Repeating mistakes time after time will only lead to annoyance and doesn't make you look very smart. Just saying...

Dutch Dude, 11/April/2013

This should be a total "Abused" scene. With Connor and Zac, this should be a "Abused" scene, but it seems that Connor hasn't been "abused" ;). Even so, congratulations for Connor and Zac, because they were the best here, because it isn't easy, no it isn't, to fuck or to be fucked in a sling. My aim criticism goes for the "party" time : there should be lots of seconds (not acfew seconds) or several minutes filming Zac fuckin' Connor from behind or underneath. I would enjoy a lot to see Zac's balls "dancing" ;) filmed from behind. We see that Zac does the 'movement'. For sure, he does it, but I wpould enjoy to see what was hidden ;). I believe that there will be better, but I would like to repeat my congratulations for the guys..

Vaclav, 11/April/2013

Guys, Ive noted your comments re the clothes but I don't agree that clothes have to all come off right at the beginning of the shoot. I think sometimes it can be horny for some of the models to undress as the shoot goes on or even keep a little bit of something on. Of course I may be wrong and maybe everyone wants to see the models completely naked as soon as possible. Maybe rather than commenting here you guys should start a forum post and see what your fellow members at Staxus think.... if a majority do agree with you then of course I am more than happy to change the way I film to suit this.

Michael - Staxus, 12/April/2013

Thank's for your replies Dutch Dude and Michael!! I never sait that the performers must be completly naked at the beginning.....may be just during the sucking or rimming or jacking off!!! I'm for a little striptease at the beginning,it's often very erotical!!! You have so awasome performers that we like to see them all naked most of the time during the video scene!!! Good week!!!

jsbachl, 12/April/2013

I understand the use of clothes or underwear on "Abused" scenes, because on "rough" sex sometimes there is no time to undress everything. There is only time to "party". But I agree that actors should do striptease in the first minutes in most scenes, because Staxus is a website for gay porn, not for love scenes ;). In gay porn, I want to see sex, pure sex. If a scene has 25 minutes, 20 of them should be sex, pure sex

Vaclav, 12/April/2013

Pour le troisième fois en une semaine, la qualité d'image de cette vidéo est moyenne alors qu'habituellement STAXUS est la référence mondiale dans ce domaine.

PASCALOUX, 12/April/2013

hi guys i have to point out we were shooting on location in a fetish club were pooh and urine has been on the floor so i will not take my socks of for my own health and safety that is the only reason on some shoots we keep socks on for example warehouses there are shards of glass and things on the floor that are impossible to move but i did enjoy the scene and i hope you all did 2 x

connor levi, 13/April/2013

Love it, have recently joined and love this one in the sling and very impressed with the choice and quality of the videos.

lustyboby, 14/April/2013

Connor is noble and regal!

Paolo (Rome), 26/May/2013

I have it all wrong. God created man, but what is contrary to the will of God is sin!

Paolo, 28/May/2013

Connor has a valid point. Fair enough! I love your work, but I do want you to put your own health & safety ahead of MY entertainment.

mwhisky, 20/February/2015

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