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Double-Headed Dildo Fun Gets These Big-Dicked Boys Working Each Other’s Assholes! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 05/May/2013
Comments: 25


Don’t expect to be messed around with some lengthy prologue in this scene. The fact of the matter is that we’re immediately thrown into the thick of the action when Chris Young discovers that his bunk-mate (Milan Sharp) is secretly working his ass with a massive dildo in the bed above him. Needless to report, Young – being the helpful chap that he is – is soon giving Sharp a helping hand, thrusting the sex-toy somewhat mercilessly into the youngster’s hole for your personal pleasure.

It’s a turn of events that we know you kinky bastards are really going to enjoy; and suffice it to say it isn’t long before Young is slurping off the end of his pal’s meaty ramrod as if to underline the enjoyment that both these boys are clearly having here. But the fun, as they say, is only just in its initial stage; and soon the lads are really upping the ante by simultaneously fucking each other with a double-headed dildo.

It’s pervy, it’s hot, and there’s every fuckin’ chance that you’re gonna drop a load in response. Don’t bust a nut too soon, though. Both these oversized boys are working themselves up for the kind of flip-flop fuck that they (and you) deserve, and, taking it in turns to bang away for glory, they’re soon spunking great wads of jizz everywhere. Fabulous!

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I think this is one of the better scenes from Michael Burling. Some things I would have edited out like Chris choking on Milan's dick. I would have liked to see better penetration shots. I think that is so important in good gay porn these days. As for dildo's: I think you either like them or you hate them. I think this scene also illustrates that it is important to have a big enough room or bed where the action takes place. For the models to not feel restricted in their movements and actions and for the cameraman to capture the action from different positions and not being hampered by walls etc.

Dutch Dude, 06/May/2013

I will say what I ask for a long long time : let us see penetration all the time ;). When there is penetration, let us see it. Nice to see again Milan. And Chris time time also

Vaclav, 07/May/2013

Awasome video scene with two excellent and nice performers with their super nice huge dicks! Original ways to use dildo! Chris and Milan are a good pairing with sensual moaning!

jsbachl, 07/May/2013

Definitly one of Michaels good scenes. It would have been nice to capture the cumshots in slow-motion - esspecially if they are as spectacular as Milans.

Steven, 07/May/2013

Is it just me, or is the video choppy/jumpy?

visitor, 11/May/2013

Milan is SO Hot! I think I'd eat his shit just to watch the hole open!

Hungry, 27/May/2013

wonderful scene ! could only have been better if both guys still had thier previous long floppy blonde locks.

mikypat, 06/June/2013

Something is wrong with the streaming and download versions of this video. "visitor is correct that they are choppy/jumpy. I've not had this problem with any of the other scenes. This looks like it could otherwise be a good scene, so will this ever get fixed?

Stan, 20/January/2014

This scene is still fucked up (and not in a good way). Either the camera man was having a seizure or someone screwed up the video and Staxus can't fix it. Too bad because it would have been a good scene.

Mike, 04/December/2014

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