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A Spanking Good Time For New Recruit Maddox Results In Hot Wax, Hot Jizz Pleasure! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 07/May/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


Some guys are just crying out to be abused – even if they don’t yet actually realise it! – and new-boy Kurt Maddox is most definitely in that category. Faced by his army superior, Damian Dickey, and escorted by STAXUS favourite, Rudy Valentino, this innocent-looking youngster just never stands a chance; and it’s no blessed wonder that his throat is being fucked by Dickey’s knob almost as soon as this escapade has begun.

That kind of wanton violation, however, is only the opening shot here – much to the poor lad’s misfortune. Before he has time to catch his breath he’s being pushed prostrate over a desk so that Dickey can vent his frustrations out on his ass, which in no time at all is as red as beetroot and looking as sore as fuck! All the same, Maddox is quietly having the time of his life – spit-roasted over the table, and then having the pained indignity of hot wax poured onto his chest!

Pushed about and pummelled like a rag doll, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the pup was ready to get up and walk at any moment; but it’s with distinct satisfaction that he takes a mouthful of jizz from Valentino, before erupting himself. But pride of place goes to old pro Dickey – a multi-shot squirt that clears his pipes of oodles of pent-up man-juice!

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I would love to say that I adore this set, that this one is a seriously good scene. But something is missing here : good angles of penetration. We see Damien around 10 seconds (filmed from below) and 2 minutes in the final sequence, but we don't see Valentino penetrating Kurt. Why ? Because there is no space for the director to shoot it. I was surprised with the bottom boy. liked him a lot. He did a very good job. And Damien is always a very good and impressive top. If there was space or another position for the bottom boy on the table, we could also see him being spanked from behind. That would be hot... Despite all these comments, this is a very fine scene. And congratulations for the new guy : Kurt

Vaclav, 07/May/2013

the new bottom is fucking hot. hope to see more of him soon!

olga, 08/May/2013

Usually not a great fan of Staxus Abused scenes, I´m impressed by Damiens and Kurts performance and hope we will see more of Kurt instead of the usual some of this fetish, some of that with bored or giggling models in the future.

Steven, 08/May/2013

I'm being blocked from this and other recent videos

Weirdbear, 09/May/2013

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