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Ultra Hard Flip-Flop Fuck Leaves Horny Milan Sharp Dripping In Oodles Of Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 14/May/2013
Duration: 27 minutes
Comments: 25


What can possibly be more enjoyable than spending a bit of quality time with a mate, hanging loose in your underwear and reading your favourite magazine together ...? Well, clearly Milan Sharp and Oscar Hart have something in mind – after all, their commitment to the written word is promptly abandoned once the opportunity comes to rip off each other’s pants!

Indeed, they’re soon sucking each other’s dicks like a couple of hyper-sexed whores; and suffice it to say that it’s no time before the dark-haired Hart is hungrily rimming Sharp’s notoriously eager butt-hole. A few minutes later and Hart’s tongue has been replaced by his stiff, uncut cock, which is soon banging away at his pal’s pucker with such apparent deftness that you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that nature had specifically created it for this one singular purpose.

But ever the one to surprise, director John Smith promptly dispels the idea that this is to be a straightforward fuck scene by allowing the guys to switch places. Hence Hart is soon being pummelled in return; before roles are again turned on their head and Sharp is sitting on Hart’s lap – not to mention his dick! It’s hot, it’s crazy; and it ends with spectacular, multi-blast cumshots from both lads. In a word, spunktastic!

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anything with milan in it is fucking fine by me!

mikypat, 14/May/2013

A great scene !!! Nice rimjob and great bareback deep fuck with monster cock.

noelweets, 14/May/2013

Job very well done guys !! Milan super as always and Oscar too. Great scene, with ass to mouth and, specially, very good camera angles of penetration !! Every moment of action is very well filmed

Vaclav, 14/May/2013

Again and again Milan Sharp?

JAGarcia, 14/May/2013

Nice scene. Good debut of Oscar here on and I hope we will see more of him. Two critical notes: 1. I found the colours of the scene somewhat unnatural and cold. Don't know if it is the camera or the lighting but I prefer a more natural feel with a warmer image of the model's skin colour. 2. Small seats usually hamper the sex action. I think it is better to use a couch, a bed or a decent carpet on the floor.

Dutch Dude, 14/May/2013

Milan Shrp is now the KING of hotness! Thank you!

austin, 27/May/2013

Milan, I don't know what you're taking for vitamins, but I want them! You've grown to be one of the hottest porn stars ever. I'd love to see another scene with Marco "the most beautiful cock in the world Rivera> Damn, he's hot! His penis head is the most beautiful on the planet.

Austin, 27/May/2013

Is ther anything Milan can't do? He shoots his load 5 meters every time, and smiles all the time! Wow, he's HOT!

Austin, 01/June/2013

Tender & Hot! terrific

Weirdbear, 27/June/2013

Milan Sharp is certainly one of Andrew Christian's European best asset...and then some. What a sweet young man!

existenz, 17/July/2014

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