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Lust For Hard Cock Knows No Bounds For This Polish Raw Dick Slut! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 18/May/2013
Comments: 25


He’s one of the hottest, horniest and (not surprisingly) most popular fellows on the circuit, and given this latest top-notch performance it’s not too difficult to see why. With his dark, smouldering looks and a libido to die for, he’s like nectar to a bee as far as other horny twinks are concerned – young Polish lad, Kris Wallace, included.

In fact, Wallace is almost overcome on the spot when he encounters Taylor puffing away on a cigarette on the sofa in his kinky underwear; and it’s with a decidedly mischievous grin on his face that the boy promptly approaches his pal and begins to suck on Taylor’s engorged shaft. Call it predestination, call it what you will, but you just know from this point that there’s only one outcome to proceedings here and that no-one’s going to be happy until Wallace is running his clam-tight sphincter up and down the full raw length of that rock-hard ramrod. An ambition that the lad achieves with rampant gusto in almost no time at all.

Believe us, this really is the kind of fuck that will last long in the memory – for both them and us! – as each puts in 110% effort for the camera to produce a simply breathless escapade of 69-ing, fingering, rimming, fucking and (best of all) busting their heavy, swollen nuts!

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Fantastic ambience between Kris and Timmy. This is a very sensual and sweaty porn scene ;) ... And also fantastic camera work : nothing is missed. We see everything in the best way !!

Vaclav, 19/May/2013

Totally agree a fantastic scene!

DeWayne in SD, 19/May/2013

Hot scene which pleased my dick very much. Some nice fuck positions and the colour of the scene was good. 4.8 points from Dutch Dude (0.1 point deducted for the second sigaret and another 0.1 point deducted for Kris his underwear:) )

Dutch Dude, 19/May/2013

Nice to see Tim Taylor back after some time. Pity that Kris wore his underwear for so long and that Tim did not deliver masses of cum. However, really great and sensual. Camera work has improved of late, this was excellent.

Keith, 19/May/2013

"He might not be the most handsome fellow on the circuit – though that’s not to say that he’s in any way unappealing" - Your descriptions leave a lot to be desired. If I was one of your models and described like that I'd be having words. You seem to do this quite frequently. Surely beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How about a little more positive attitude in future?

slingsby, 19/May/2013

Fantastic !!! Wondefull... About Kris using his underwear, I enjoyed the time he used it on screen.It was very sexy ;). Love this guy !!

Cris, 19/May/2013

Wonderful scene. 5.0 But the dreadful musicwas turning it into a rather turgid affair at the beginning. Only the poodles were missing. And way too much smoking. So only 4.0 left to give.

erica12, 22/May/2013

Hi slingsby! Thank you very much for your notice - we have changed the description as you were right about it! - Andy, 23/May/2013

hot guys for sure =D

deeksteryven, 13/July/2013

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