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Sensual Beginnings Lead To A Hot, Breathless Fuck On The Raw! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 22/May/2013
Duration: 20 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


You’d almost think Marc Sage and Marco Rivera had all the time in the world given the manner with which they open this excellent bareback vignette. Of course, the fact that they are still both so young does mean that they have time very much on their side; but considering the tempting packages that both lads are so evidently sporting in their underwear you might have expected them to show a little more impulsiveness.

Yet director John Smith is determined on a sensuous opening foray, as the two lads kiss and smooch like a pair of horny but inexperienced teenagers. All that said, it’s not a situation that continues along such passive lines for very long. Before you know it the boys are gaining confidence and the atmosphere is becoming more electric – both guys taking turns to suck each other off, prior to Sage giving his pal a nice deep rimming.

That, of course, marks the beginning of the really hot, sweaty action for which this scene will be remembered, as Sage plunges his stiff, uncut dick deep inside Rivera’s butt-hole, and then tops proceedings off by blasting a fine wad of jizz into the bottom’s hungry mouth. But it’s Rivera’s own climax – a magnificent multi-shot blast from the crown of his mushroom head – that steals the show!

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I feared the worst when John Smith said this was his worst scene that he shot last year. Having watched the scene I have to say that it is not that bad. I have seen much worser scenes on this site in the past months. It is such a shame that Marc Sage has wood problems. I really like that guy with his luscious lips. If only his dick stayed rock hard ....

Dutch Dude, 23/May/2013

I didn't like the editing. looks like this set was made in a hurry. We don't see the performers changing positions for instance. About the fuckin' part, it's all very "fast". Even so, I enojyed the beginning and Marco Rivera is a hot performer. Another thing : we see on the presentation Marc Sage being a bottom, but the film doesn't show us that part. This scene could be a very hot flip-flop. Agree with Ditch Due : this is not that bad like John Smith said. But, of course, could be...better ;)

Vaclav, 24/May/2013

One of yuor best scenes ever! Thanks!

Austin, 26/May/2013

Damn, does the guy with the yellow underwear have the most beautiful cock in the world.... Lots more, please, and lots of shots of his cock!

Austin, 27/May/2013

I forgot how hot Marc Sage is. If they ever put a photo of what guy's balls should look like, he's our man. Most beautiful balls on the planet!

Austin, 27/May/2013

I too was worried when the Director said it was his worst scene last month. Was it the positional changes or the entering shots. Would like to know the reason why he considers it so bad. Come over OK to me, no more. It did appear that Marco Rivera didn't really appear to be enjoying it. Think I would like to see Marc again, if his dick stays rock hard!

Keith, 27/May/2013

They just need to "steal" away a director from BelAmi...

austin, 27/May/2013

Give these guys some credit. In just 2 weeks they've already improved, AND now they're showing hot foot fetish shots.

Austin, 27/May/2013

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