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Lustful Youthful Cravings Lead To A Hard Raw Fuck For Tim Law From His Horny Blond Pal! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 37)
Added: 24/May/2013
Comments: 25


Chances are that we shall never know what young cutie, Tim Law, is looking at on his console, but whatever it is it clearly doesn’t match the delights that Tim Walker can offer when he enters the room. With his long blond hair and his obvious penchant for toe-worship, Walker knocks anything that an electrical gadget can offer right out of the water!

The poor console never stands a feckin’ chance – especially when blondie decides to fuck his dick between Law’s feet. Talk about red rag to a bull – and a bull on heat at that! Suffice it to say that the temperature in that room notches up considerably at this point, as the two cock-lovin’ buddies engage in a sultry session of cock-suckin’, cock-rubbin’ action that’ll seriously blow your mind – not to mention more sensitive quarters!

All reaching a climax when Walker finally thrusts his thick, aching ramrod deep inside Law’s hungry raw pucker – the horny little bottom’s legs pushed right back so that he’s almost bent double. A succession of positions ensues, but the pleasure that both these lads are experiencing literally oozes from the screen; and it comes as no surprise when they each take turns to erupt big-style, with a sticky, cum-laden kiss between them both serving as an unforgettable sign-off.

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Beautiful !! This is a another very fine piece of porn. Love Tim Walker. I said that in March. This guy is fuckin' awesome... Again very nice camera angles. Nothing is hidden on filming. I saw every minute of this. Every minute !!!

Vaclav, 24/May/2013

Wow! In America foot fetish is taboo. In most of the world it's awesome. Thank you for bringing foot fetish to us all. I think they should have a real foot fetish site for all of the world, and not some lame site like they have now. I'd rather pay for a REAL foot fetish site than what they have. Please consider this going forwarward. We need a great foot fetish site!

Austin, 24/May/2013

I like these two boys a pity the camera focus too much on ass and dicks, and you do not show their nice bodies while they fuck-

Sefo, 25/May/2013

really elegant and noble. Two sacred creatures say the beauty of masculinity and how masculinity is God

Paolo (aliduba), 26/May/2013

Hottest video style,format EVER! No wonder you're #1. Don't stop, more feet, please...

Austin, 26/May/2013

Tim Law has the hottest feet I've EVER seen! Thank you!

austin, 27/May/2013

the foreplay brings a magnificant finish

weirdbear, 03/June/2013

delicious and sacred

Paolo, 23/June/2013

I luv sucking cock, rimming and then fucking a hungry hole.

2hornynipples, 05/July/2013

The foot scene of this video is the most sensual and erotic I have ever seen. Tim Walker is fantastic. For my money, Tim is your STAR ATTRACTION. Though you have some nice young models Tim Walker enhances every video he is in. Tim, I love watching you...I love it more when your shaved smooth

Chad, 17/September/2013

Very beautiful, there is all the Lust of homosexual Sex. I want to be Gay!

Paolo, Rome, 15/January/2014

i wrote only nonsense.

Paolo, Rome, 25/January/2014

One of the hottest videos I have ever seen, Fro foot fetish to 69 to rimming then bucking, this film has everything including two of the cutest boys ever; lots of kissing as well. Tim Law and Tim Walker do it all. 10 stars for the boys and the filming was excellent. This is one of my all-time FAVORITES ♥dr

dr24, 18/February/2014

Not even a sexy Tim Walker can make foot fetish interesting to me.

thunderball, 22/February/2014

Would love to see Tim Walker's feet featured also. He's a gorgeous young man !

Bill, 17/March/2014

A very, very, VERY beautiful boy.

DavidA, 27/July/2014

Sorry! TWO very, very, VERY beautiful boys. Both named Tim. A perfect partnership; and both very welcome should they wish to drop round when they have a spare weekend.

DavidA, 27/July/2014

ich liebe dich tim

jürgen, 27/March/2016

ich liebe Dich über alles Tim ich würde so gerne mit dir ficken

jürgen , 28/August/2017

what a pair of beautiful hairy legs Tim Law has !

michel lucien, 21/February/2018

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