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First A Dildo, Then Milan Sharp’s Raw Cock. Alex Candy’s Ass Knows No Fuckin’ Limits! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 27)
Added: 12/June/2013
Comments: 25


When you’re a dirty little whore like Alex Candy – and let’s be perfectly honest here, that’s exactly what the young lad is! – time spent in a dungeon with Milan Sharp (and a dildo) is always gonna seem like a dream-come-true. So it’s perhaps not at all surprising that the fellow puts on the show of a lifetime here – a scene that’s set to send our legion of horny fans into the stratosphere!

Truth is, Candy’s like a pro at the very top of his game, taking everything that Sharp throws at him and then rimming his pal’s ass with such panache and energy that any lesser soul than Sharp would almost certainly have nutted there and then. Thankfully for us all, however – and for Candy’s insatiable little pucker – the fellow manages to hold out; and our reward is the sight of Sharp’s dick giving the lad’s ass the kind of red-raw workout that it clearly so badly needs and deserves.

Indeed, there’s no denying that Candy gives a performance here that’s worthy of his up-and-cumming status as a power-bottom; and by the time he squirts his wad you’ll be lucky if you haven’t done just the same in appreciation. Top accolade, however, goes to Sharp, whose mega-shot climax really does have to be seen to be believed. Old Faithful has got nothing on this!

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This scene is in My Favorits. Hot rimming, bb fuck and cum eating. MORE OF THIS RAW MOVIES PLEASE !!!

noelweets, 12/June/2013

Is there, by any chance, any doubts, any doubts, I repeat, that Alex Candy is a super bottom ? I love this norwegian since the day I saw him with Connor Levi. This time, with Milan Sharp, this is the climax. Alex can fuck, is a super bottom and does porn so well, so well. Awesome !! Real hot and raw sex like the way I adore. Fantastic performance Milan and Alex. Congratulations

Vaclav, 12/June/2013

This is a premium scene. Awesome rimming, fucking and cum eating. Thanks to Milan, Alex and the Prague team.

Steven, 12/June/2013

Perfect action, beautifull boys and great cum.

Sefo, 13/June/2013

Excellent video all around. Loved Milan's cumshot in this video - very hot and well captured on film!

visitor, 15/June/2013

What a brilliant achievement whoever matched these two started the ball rolling, great camera angles. The flip fucking marked this as special; the editing of the cum scene is remarkable. The degree of heat and the way tops turn into bottoms make this a remarkable film.

weirdbear, 29/June/2013

Rarely have I seen Twinks who can match Sean Cody’s sexual athletes for their Intensity and Stamina. Milan and Alex do here! Both versatile lads are working overtime to prove who was the best at either fucking or bottoming! The question is who won the dual titles? Best Bottoming or Topping? This scene is so evenly matched I can’t decide! Maybe Milan gets the edge here for having that big cock and the best cumshot! Outstanding!

DeWayne in San Diego, 03/July/2013

Very beautiful! Two men in tune with the universe and enjoying each other. I just love this.

John R. Hughes, 02/March/2014

Been watching gay porn for years, never seen a bigger cum shot than milans.!!!!! AWESOME DUDE.!!!!!

patmiky, 11/January/2015

Amazing, fantastic !!!

PaoloRome, 12/February/2015

This is a super horny clip with 2 great guys that i enjoy watching again and again !

Christian, 16/April/2016

it's Holiness !

Paolo, 21/March/2017

delicious as Alex receives in the Mouth the Love Juice of Milan and then as worships in the Mouth the noble Virility of Milan wet of gay Holiness

Paolo Monaco, 21/March/2017

but spiritual Energy is better.

PaoloMonaco, 27/March/2017

anyhow, this is the true gay Sex. That is the Homosexuality as ritual Homosexuality, as religious homosexual Worship. Wonderful !! The Boys are gorgeous in this real sacred gay Mass, in this holy Masculinity's Worship, The noble Asses of the Boys as Altars for a holy Sodomy, elegant, rough, deep, powerful. The two Angels express God's cosmic Energy, to the Culmination of holy Ejaculation, and when Alex receives the holy Semen of Milan as the Communion of the Body, Blood and Soul of Christ. Sweet, aristocratic Boys !! Wonderful Video to show and teach to the Children and to the Boys in the Elementary Schools and in the High Schools, as practical Example of the Beauty and of the Nobility of homosexual Love.

PaoloMonaco, 14/October/2017

but, these noble Creatures search the Absolute.

Paolo, 15/October/2017

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