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Butt-Stretching Toys & Then A Big Hard Raw Cock For This Horny Young Twink! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 13/June/2013
Comments: 25


Cody Reed is a boy with an insatiable urge for something big and hard in his ass – which perhaps goes some way to explaining how he’s accumulated such a fantastic array of butt-toys in his short life! But whilst an oversized dildo or a collection of anal-beads can bring temporary relief to a fellow of his particular inclination, nothing compares to the feel of a real cock – especially when it’s equally generous in size and belongs to a fellow with a similarly over-stimulated libido.

Fortunately for Reed, the arrival of his mate, Ethan White, means that he has the best of both worlds here; and it’s not long before White is working the lad’s hole for all it’s worth with the collection of toys, in anticipation of the red-raw fucking that’s sure to follow. What’s more, Reed – his wrists bound together in handcuffs – clearly loves every moment of hardcore attention; and by the time a real dick finally gets pushed through his sphincter he’s already worked up to the max and ready for whatever his mate wants to throw his way.

Which is pretty much just as well given that White’s not adverse to face-fucking the lad midway through their engagement. It’s the feel of hardness in his rump that finally gets this boy off, however – White literally banging the ball-shot out of him, before spraying a generous wad of his own all over Reed’s expectant face!

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No rimming before playing with toys ???? PITY

noelweets, 13/June/2013

Brilliant ! Liked a lot this rough sex scene. Cody can take anything : toys and big dicks. And he's hungry for sex also. But this scene deserved a part with doggy-style. It would be awesome in this fuckin' hot scene. And Ethan can fuck !

Vaclav, 13/June/2013

Cody is a amazing bottom, nice to see Ethan back giving him the fuck he needs. P.S. Nice location and good camera work, Michael - keep it up!

Steven, 13/June/2013

I was looking forward to this one and was not disappointeed. Wow, how Cody can take it and Ethan did really rough fucking. Great. You must get these two back!!

keith, 13/June/2013

Cody and Ethan together again for some more fuckin' hot and noisy ;) sex ! I vote for that, Keith

Vaclav, 13/June/2013

What a wasted opportunity. The toys were there for some real butt-stretching until Mr. Hurry Up arrives on the scene and shoves the black dildo in without any preparation. It was down hill after that and degenerated into fuck scene that should have been filmed in a garage.

weirdbear, 14/June/2013

The poor filming spoils this scene which had great potential.

Spineur, 17/June/2013

I believe my first time around I didn't like, but with another viewing, this video lives up to its advanced billing. Your promised a kinky time, and you get it.

weirdbear, 22/June/2013

Ethan is amazing so super slim with a gorgeous face and such a huge pumping dick.

Uxonian, 06/November/2013

I'd love to bed Ethan, he's so cute and lean and has a very nice ass and penis.

mart, 20/January/2018

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