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It’s A Perfect Wank-Storm As Two Horny Twinks Fuck Like Rabbits & Spurt Like Geysers! HD

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Benjamin Dunn

Added: 15/June/2013
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If ever there was a match made in heaven then it has to be these two smooth beauties: Benjamin Dunn, with his fine physique and generously-sized dick, and Xander Hollis, whose slim, athletic frame and angelic looks make him a perfect twink in every sense. Indeed, we defy anyone who’s into hairless, youthful-looking lads not to be completely bowled over by this pair of horny cherubs, both of whom are as hard as fuck from beginning to end and who together put on the kind of show that is quite simply a top-notch classic!

Whether they’re taking turns to suck each other off, or 69-ing on the sofa, or (as in Hollis’s case throughout the second half of the scene) taking it raw up the ass like a wanton pro, these boys just never disappoint; and we’ve absolutely no doubt in our hearts that there’s gonna be a whole load of jizz yanked out of dicks across the world as a result of the encounter.

Put simply, both Dunn and Hollis are literally on fire throughout; and the fact that they each produce fabulous wads of spunk towards the scene’s conclusion only underlines the terrific quality that they each represent. Hollis, in particular – and not for the first time – is a total, five-star slut, riding dick like a common whore and ultimately slurping on his mate’s cock as it finally yields its sticky goodness. You guys are gonna wank yourself sore!