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Milan Sharp Gets His Ass Filled With Big Black Cock & Oodles Of Black Spunk! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 16/June/2013
Comments: 25


We all know black guys have big dicks, and when our very own super-slut, Milan Sharp, heard about the arrival of Barrington Peart from the Dominican Republic he was quite literally gagging for a piece of the action. What’s more, when he realised that Peart was even more handsomely hung than anyone ever thought possible he was almost like a tom-cat in season.

Quite simply, he just had to have that big fat mamba deep inside one way or another – and the fact that Peart (like almost every other black guy) insisted on it being totally raw made the prospect of having his ass stretched to bursting point all the hotter. What’s more, the resultant encounter doesn’t disappoint for one single minute.

Having quite literally ripped Peart’s clothes off even before they’re made it into the house, Sharp is soon gagging on the black fellow’s dick in a most satisfactory fashion. Thereafter it’s just a matter of time before the young white boy is being banged quite mercilessly by Peart’s oversized ramrod – his pert little ass happily taking every inch over the kitchen table in apparent reparation for the history of racial wrongdoing! But it’s the manner with which the black dick spurts over Sharp’s hole and then buries itself back inside immediately afterwards that gives this scene the biggest kick. In short, totally unforgettable classic interracial filth!

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This would have been a much hotter scene if the blonde twink had done the topping. As it is it, it your typical run-of-the-mill interracial scene. Even a flip-flop would have been better.

GRPR, 16/June/2013

I'd have given this zero stars if I could have, but I can't, so I gave it one star.

TropicalGary, 16/June/2013

The maximum score from me. I love the BIG black cock of Barrington Peart , his black yummy ass lickedvby Milan Sharp and the fuck scene.

noelweets, 16/June/2013

Was it worth to wait for this moment with one of the dominicans ? YES ! Milan : you're a super bottom. Enjoyed every minute of this premiere. No more words...

Vaclav, 17/June/2013

5 stars, the cum shots finale was excellently filmed, loved it, can't wait for Xander's performance..........

memesteve, 17/June/2013

5 stars - haven´t seen a good interracial "vanilla" scene until this - at least John Smith got Barrington kissing and rimming. And Milan getting fucked and shooting his load is always a hot sight.

Steven, 17/June/2013

Wow, great scene and well shot; the hottest of the year. Excellent idea getting dominicans, can't wait for more scenes with them.

Staxusfan, 18/June/2013

why the blond boy take off his hot jacket off after 20 seconds?

Jan, 18/June/2013

I am glad he took it off after 2 minutes. It looks cold with it...

Rafael, 20/June/2013

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