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Young Kurt Maddox Gets Two Cocks For The Price Of One – Raw In His Ass At The Same Time! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 19)
Added: 23/June/2013
Comments: 25


All young Kurt Maddox wanted was a quiet rest, but were STAXUS favourites John Parker and Justin Conway about to grant his wish? Not friggin’ likely. As is always the case with these two lads, they’re as horny as fuck and don’t so much as think twice when they find Maddox asleep on his bed. Before the youngster really knows what’s happening he’s got two hard dicks trying to thrust their way down his throat – a turn of events that doesn’t actually seem to bother the lad too much.

Indeed, soon all three boys are taking it in turn to feast on each other’s cocks; and it’s perhaps little surprise that it’s not too long before Maddox is being crudely spit-roasted for our entertainment. If the sight of hunky Parker pounding away at the boy’s ass whilst blond-lad Conway ploughs the fellow’s mouth doesn’t do it for you then maybe you need to reconsider your appetite for porn; but as if to give viewers a chance of re-evaluation it’s not long before the two tops have exchanged places and it’s Conway who’s feeling Maddox’s ass around his cock.

Matters reach a whole new level when both tops decide to fuck their pal simultaneously, signalling the start of a superb double-penetration escapade that’ll have you jerking off like crazy. By the time the two studs have spewed all over Maddox's face and chest, chances are you’ll be totally drained!

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Kurt Maddox did a great performance. love is ass with two nice dicks inside and spit roasted position. more films with him please!

elm, 24/June/2013

Kurt Maddox is a rising star. My applause to you. I would love to see more of your ass being fucked (filmed from behind) when being topped by John Parker, but no doubt that this is a very hot moment of porn. And the last position : wow !!! awesome !!!

Vaclav, 25/June/2013

Kurt Maddox continues to impress this is one to keep close at hand with Staxus! Hot Threesome!

DeWayne in SD, 28/June/2013

Looking Back from August this is one of my favorite three-ways Kurt Maddox got all the attention but Justin Conway is great top!

DeWayne in SD, 19/August/2013

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