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Horny Czech Twink Proves He’s Game For Some Interracial Bare Double-Cocked Fun! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 27)
Added: 24/June/2013
Comments: 25


When Dominican sex-gods Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart suggested that they might like to use their recent Czech vacation to give some local white boy the opportunity to experience a black cock double-stuffing, one particular name came to mind almost immediately. After all, who other than Milan Sharp could be trusted to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with full power-bottom gusto?

Needless to report, the young lad – who’s already firmly established himself as something of a living legend when it comes to performing in front of camera – doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this is a scene that’s likely to go down in STAXUS history, establishing Sharp as a total cock slut in every sense in the process. There’s plenty of lads who would’ve balked at the prospect of being sandwiched between LeBron and Peart in full spate; but here’s a guy who rises to the occasion in every possible sense, as he’s rimmed and spit-roasted by two of the horniest, over-equipped dudes you’re ever likely to witness.

By the time that pair of monster dicks sink together into Sharp’s wrecked fuck-hole there’s every chance you’ll have already knocked out a load (or maybe even two); and the subsequent double-cocked escapade and resultant cummy facial will only eek out another. Which leaves only two questions: (a) will Sharp’s ass ever be the same again? and (b) how the fuck will this kind of total filth ever be topped?

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Great horny scene with Barrington Peart & Devon LeBron. Love to watch those Black Guys with their BIG tools. Great performance of Milan Sharp too but i gues Milan's ass still hurts after this double attack ;-)

noelweets, 24/June/2013

more like this!!! we love it!!

peter, 24/June/2013

Amazingly superb scene - brilliant performances by all concerned and great photography.

memesteve, 24/June/2013

Milan trough Heaven and Hell ... Fantastic job, John!

Steven, 24/June/2013

I'm almost speechless. Milan, my admiration for you is now 100 %. I think it wasn't necessary for you to take the two dominicans. I suppose Devon was enough, because he has a fat 'snake' and wow the doggy-style he made with you. I have no more words for his marvelllous moment of porn. No more words : the images are simply enough to state that this moment is remarkable ! Milan : the 'oscar' is yours ! Congratulations also for Mr. Smith

Vaclav, 25/June/2013

When I said "I think it wasn't necessary...", I must add that, even so, your relation on sreen with them was simply superb. And if you took the challenge made by John Smith, then we all, we all, I repeat, must say that you did it masterfully !!!

Vaclav, 25/June/2013

Left me breathless, and speechless. Visually beautiful scene. Would love to see more like this.

mrdp, 25/June/2013

Would lover to see Aaron Aurora in a scene with these two :-)

Stevie B, 25/June/2013

The one thing I don't like about this scene, and every Staxus scene in fact, is the obvious over dubbed moaning that gets put on a loop :/ This happens most obviously during the actual DP, it's quite annoying.

DeathEater1, 26/June/2013

How will Milan top this ravaging performance? I bow down to his amazing anal skills a legend to hold his own with the greatest Staxus models! Kudos to Devon and Barrington for giving Milan all they had!

DeWayne in SD, 27/June/2013

Hi DeathEater1! We've had this conversation on the forum before with other members. We do not add artificial dubbed moaning or any other artificial thing to the sound of our videos. The only thing "added" is the music in the beginning. - Andy, 27/June/2013

WOW - that's EXCELLENT!! the Czech twink deserves double pay for double pleasure.

epis7copal, 07/July/2013

beyond excellence - superior

epis7copal, 20/July/2013


Max, 25/November/2013

This movie is great. Whatching a good DP always excites me,but this is so good and lasts so long I had to come twice

byck69, 11/December/2013

This is not pornography, this is art. The beauty of these three men is beyond words. Milan looks simply stunning agains Devon and Barrington's godly bodies. Gosh, I better book myself a seat on the next flight to Jamaica to do some stud hunting!!!

existenz, 17/August/2014

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