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Hot, Excited Twink Deep-Throats His Fuck Buddy, Then Takes A Giant Dildo Up His Ass! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 21)
Added: 26/June/2013
Duration: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


Some boys are more easily pleased than others, but all that it takes to put a smile on Alexander Syden’s face is the gift of a new dildo – on this occasion presented to him by blond haired, tattooed fuck-buddy, Blake Hanson. Indeed, there’s no disguising the delight with which Syden is consumed upon receiving the present, as he quite literally jumps onto Hanson’s lap and then wraps his legs around the fellow like a bitch in season – which, to all intents and purposes, is exactly what the young lad is!

Mind, it’s pretty obvious as to why that’s the case once Hanson’s dick has been given an airing. After all, who wouldn’t want to give that handsome appendage the ride that it surely deserves? Certainly not Syden, that’s for fuckin’ sure; and after almost sucking the living daylights out of it for starters, the horny twink pushes himself down on the weapon in a clear attempt to enjoy every inch that it offers.

Anyone anticipating a straightforward fuck, however, would do well to remember the opening moments of the scene and Hanson’s gift; for having worked Syden’s ass up with his dick, the top now proceeds to stretch it further using the said dildo, whilst blindfolding Syden for an added touch of kink. Given the resultant excitement it’s little wonder that the bottom is soon spewing like a trooper when Hanson fucks him a second time!

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Dirty Fuckers without rimming ????? Ha ha ha FAKERS

noelweets, 26/June/2013

please....more Staxus scenes.....:-(

Morgana, 27/June/2013

Good, I enjoyed it. Blake Hanson spoke a bit in this one, so I could tune my gaydar to his accent. I had been told he was Welsh, but rather disappointingly what came out was pure Chav Estuary English. Alexander Syden, on the other hand, expressed his delight at getting the dildo as a present in what sounded like a young version of Screaming American Queen.

Alan Lowe, 29/June/2013

I think Blake has so much, so much to give. Think he's a little shy. He spends too much time laying on the bed ;) He must show us that perfect body. Get bout of bed or the floor and party Blake...

Vaclav, 09/July/2013

i love the hairless shaved skinny legs

mutti, 14/November/2013

little alexander has to be the best thing going, I get turned on just seeing him snog

zaharakid, 21/November/2013

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