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Flip-Flop Soccer-Kit Fuck Gets This Locker Room Splattered With Hot Jizz! HD

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Added: 28/June/2013
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What goes on in the locker-room stays in the locker-room – or at least that was the case until our cameras turned up at the soccer club that Oscar Hart and Zac Todd play for. For this pair of horny, kit-hugging fuckers really can’t keep their hands off each other, be it before or after the game; and it’s no real surprise at all that the dark-haired dudes are soon taking turns to suck cock like the complete sluts they clearly evidently are.

Indeed, having exchanged heady, sumptuous blowjobs, young Todd ups the ante by plonking himself down on his mate’s handsome ramrod so that he can grind down on the thick, meaty uncut dick for all that it’s worth. Whether the manufacturers of the bench below them ever had the notion that this would one day be the use to which their product would be put, or indeed whether the said item is strictly fit for such a purpose, are issues that do not appear to concern either lad as they proceed to flip-flop their positions.

What is obvious, however, is that both guys are hot and horny for action, banging away at each other’s asses for all their worth. It’s raw, it’s intense, and – best of all – it’s exactly the kind of filth that guys like you want to see on a regular (if not daily) basis. By the time Hart’s spewing the contents of his nads over Todd’s hole you’re gonna be completely drained!