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Orlando White Gives His Kinky Sugar-Daddy A Hard Fuck & Oodles Of Hot Jizz! HD

2.5/5 (Total votes: 10)
Added: 09/July/2013
Comments: 25


Having a younger lover can be so much fun, but as any sugar-daddy will tell you there can often be another side to such a relationship. After all, whilst Greg Wilson knows that he has to get up and head off to work to pay for life’s good things, Orlando White’s of an age where nothing is altogether too serious and the only real concern worth worrying about is when you’re gonna secure your next fuck.

Their priorities are at total odds with one another; but in fairness it doesn’t take much for White to persuade Wilson to relive their passion. A flash of his come-to-bed eyes and a couple of open-mouthed smooches is more than enough to get this old tiger back into bed; and before you know it Wilson is feasting on White’s rampant ramrod for all that it’s worth. At which point you just know that the sensible party in this coupling will soon be back out of his shirt and tie, taking every hard inch that the young pup has to offer. Not that that will come as any surprise to anyone who’s seen the gorgeous White in action before.

He’s a walking, talking sex-machine, when all’s said and done; and he’s never happy until he’s poking about in some fellow’s greedy little ass! So it proves once again here – Wilson given a balls-deep fuck he’ll never forget, before the young stud sprays his pent-up wad into the older bastard’s mouth.

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What a waste of time !!! Orlando & Greg lying together in bed. Greg leave the bed to dress fully. A minute later it takes just as long to undress. My rate for those time wasters = 1

noelweets, 09/July/2013

Too tough, that old man. Who needs that.

nedrow1, 09/July/2013

Yuk. Not even going to download it

Bella69, 09/July/2013

Orlando is still hot no matter whom he is with. truly there are a lot of older-younger couples, and Orlando is to die for so I think its a good scene all the same

robyrob1, 09/July/2013

Orlando is indeed to die for ! Such a beautiful body and loves to get in action. He is the most important "thing" in this scene. And this time, he should be rimmed. When he was laying down, his partner should have licked that beautiful hole ;)

Vaclav, 09/July/2013

Have you seen pictures 13 and 14 ?? ....

Vaclav, 09/July/2013

The young man did a great job fucking his senior. He could fuck me and breed my sweet hole with his load.

2hornynipples, 09/July/2013

A waste of the gorgeous and delectable Orlando. Much better paired with another muscle stud of similar, or younger age.

Gorgon, 05/March/2014

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