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Skylar Blu Gets The Spit-Roasting, Ass-Bustin’ Treatment From His Two Horny Mates! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 16)
Added: 10/July/2013
Comments: 25


Most lads would pretty much die of embarrassment if their buddies walked in on them having a wank, but not young Skylar Blu. A true exhibitionist and self-publicist, he barely seems to raise so much as an eyebrow when Blake Hanson and Jayden Middleton interrupt his private antics.

What’s more, it barely takes him a minute to get both mates into the same clothes-free predicament; as he slips down onto his knees and begins to slurp on Hanson’s dick, whilst mixed-race Middleton slaps Blu’s pert little upturned ass for all it’s worth. It’s a prompt, energetic opening which will have any chav-lovin’ viewer literally oozing with delight; and the temperature in the room only continues to rise when Hanson gets behind Blu and thrusts his big, meaty, uncut shaft deep into his pal’s ever-eager crack.

A few more minutes on and it’s Middleton’s turn to fill Blu’s butt-hole, leaving the dirty-minded bottom trapped between his mates and getting the full-on, spit-roasting treatment that he clearly so very badly needs and deserves. The sight of these three beauties in full rut is something that’s gonna get the juices rising for sure; and by the time Middleton spews on Blu from one end whilst Hanson whitewashes from the other you’re gonna have busted a nut (or more) for sure. Brit-sex has seldom looked so unbelievably fuckin’ hot!

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Blu shot a deluge of thick fresh hot cum while handsome Hanson does his thing. Missed some pre-suck flaccid shots and Blue and Hanson's butts could have stood more eyeballing. Is Middleton full time or training. He's like the odd man out in my opinion. Spent cocks went unsucked. Whose watching the standards around here.

nedrow1, 10/July/2013

Famous sofa :-) Just hope some Staxus scene will come in following days! But this was nice filling of fresh director with low budget. Thanks!

Rafeal, 10/July/2013

+ Blake gets more active and relaxed + like Jayden - want the British models to hide their asses now, too? Especially Skylars bums should have got more attention - Skylar looked not fully satisfied, some rimming or getting sucked were missing - threeways need a bigger playground, often there was an arm or back in the way and the models seemed to have some trouble to find comfortable positions

Steven, 10/July/2013

the actors and the scene are good, unfortunately the quality of bridladz films are bad, the main color of the film is beetween pink and orange. I Agree with rafael Staxus films are really better (quality, position of camera, colors) .

Pisslolo, 10/July/2013

Blake, Blake, adore you ! Also Skylar. And the new model is also pretty good, but my eyes go, for now, for Skylar, Blake ! But there is no "behind". There should be ;)

Vaclav, 12/July/2013

why no more vids with blake???!!!

tobias, 15/April/2015

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