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Chav-Boy Trio Proves A Cock-Sucking, Spit-Roasting, Face-Splattering Delight! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 12/July/2013
Comments: 25


So be honest now. What would you do if you were sat with a couple of horny guys who were much too busy snogging each other’s faces off to actually notice what you were doing? Well, that’s the dilemma that Orlando White faces when he hooks up with Tyler Dee and Christian Martin in this fabulous multinational chav-inspired threesome. Fortunately for everyone concerned, White doesn’t do what plenty of other chaps would do in such a situation, i.e. give up interest and go home.

Instead, he simply goes with the flow, strips off his pants and then waits for the opportunity to join in the fun. Suffice it to say that all that free-flowing Stella Artois on offer ensures that it isn’t too long before such a chance presents himself; and before you know it the trio of representatives from Spain, Holland and Hungary are pushing international relations to a whole new level.

Beginning with Spain’s Martin, who takes the cocks of Dee and White in turn; before White turns his attention on that pert little black ass of Dee’s and gives the Dutch boy the kind of intense raw fucking he deserves. Ultimate recognition here, however, must go to Martin, who literally plasters Dee’s face with cream courtesy of the kind of cum-shot that could almost drown a man! Whilst White and Dee spew their own fine loads to make this the kind of scene to remember!

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hm... I generally love interracial scenes! This one has nice models, nice faces, good bodies, great cocks, and diverse action with a number of changing roles and positions - just a very limited set of filming perspectives, unfortunately. Missed all kinds of close-up views, like from behind/below when fucking etc., which would have exploited the existing potential (particularly the color contrasts in interracial trios with white dicks in dark holes and vice versa). Missed opportunity! Was this a Michael Burling scene, as one would guess from the obvious UK location? If yes, we've seen better examples of director's capabilities from you, Michael!... or was it a novice directing and filming? ;-)

the sceptic one, 12/July/2013

I think i understand the low rating of this scene. Some rimming would be better before fucking

noelweets, 12/July/2013

There was something missing in this scene. Was it the inexperiance of two of the models, was it the filming.Thought at first the Director was Joe, was surprised if it was Michael. Not anything special for me.

Keith, 12/July/2013

I thing, that Staxus have a politic, show this kinds of student or kids camera work before showing some master piece!!!! So I hope in tomorrow!!!!

the optimistic one, 12/July/2013

This scene is pretty good. Orlando is already a celebrity and about the new models, liked a lot the dark one. The other, I think I know him from other studio. Liked the action, specially the beginning. The only thing missing here is of course more close-ups, like we see on the end when finishes the dark bottom's cumshot, and specially more behind. Behind ! Behind ! Next time, don't forget to show us the beginning of penetration. First, the ass, the hole, and then, penetration ;). Expect to see more stuff with the dark model...

Vaclav, 12/July/2013

@ "optimistic one": nice seeing you picking up my line ;-) And of course I hope you are right, so will have a look tomorrow, too :-) After all, sceptic is not pessimistic... nor excluding positive changes! ;-) @Staxus: I appreciate that you always name the models (and attach keywords/tags) for all scenes, very good. However, why don't you name the director, too? Besides, one more proposal for the rating function (I am a believer in "social rating feedback" since the early days of ebay, amazon and even fb) : on top of rating scenes, you could enable rating of models (and maybe directors ;-) that would add some transparency and facilitate following one's favourites!

the sceptic one , 12/July/2013

Hey guys! I was just thinking about this last evenening and already added to my list. Somewhere next week we'll link all scenes to the director that provided it! - Andy, 12/July/2013

Exotic Tyler contributed the most passion to the scene. Did not like that Orlando turned from 10 minutes watching and jerking directly to fucking. The other new model Christian Martin showed nearly none emotions. Compared to yesterdays superb scene, it looked like three nice but unenthusastic models having to make a threesome to get their paycheck.

Steven, 12/July/2013

Why I can't play the video pls help account: eddy9400

eddy, 14/July/2013

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